Blogging My Pain Away

blogging my pain awayImage says. “My head feels heavy and confused with all these thoughts and feelings on sexual abuse spinning around inside of it.  I know where to put these.  On my blog where other Sexual Abuse Survivors can see them too.  Now my head feels clearer. Continue reading


Apathy Towards Child Pornography


I just read this post #JohnGrisham

This is my comment on that post

Great comments on Child Pornography, and apathy towards child pornography.

These are the tweetables I collected from that post

“Mr. Grisham this is 2014, we no longer believe it is acceptable to abuse children, sexually or otherwise.”

“Grisham & it appears, some others exhibit a certain apathy towards those who view child pornography as apposed to those who produce it. ” Continue reading

Domestic Violence and Religion

stop-domestic-violence-logoI just finished reading this post.  Should Women Knuckle Down To The Devil? (Domestic Violence Awareness)  Continue reading

Survivor Artwork

Bellow is a collection of my survivor artwork on this blog.

img005 Mia Thriver Avatar
Mia Thriver Avatar ~ Doodle by Mia Thriver

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Believe Abuse Survivors 2

I just read this post HOW TO REACT TO DISCLOSURE

These are my comments.

Wonderful post!!! You are spot on, a child internalizes the reaction to their reporting! We do need to educate the public on how to react when a child reports.  People need to know how to react to child abuse. Continue reading

Movie Oblivion


I just watched the movie Oblivion last night.  I have seen no better representation of what life is like waking up as an incest survivor.  What it is like waking up to oblivion. Continue reading

Breaking the Silence of Suicide

stop suicide

I just read this post.  Why Suffering In Silence Causes Suicide  Continue reading