God’s Refining Process??

Gods Refining Process? Artwork by Jeanine A Thriver
Gods Refining Process? Artwork by Jeanine A Thriver

This is God’s Refining Process… That is what they love to say.

If this is Gods Refining Process then it is a bit like standing too close to the sun and hoping you refine before you burn up. Follow that up with tears (blue water drops), pain (red spikes) and confusion (purple squiggles), and you have a bit of an idea of what it is like.

No, I would rather feel these are the consequences of a pedophiles horrid acts combined with their great ability to lie and deceive. I can not equate God at all with the horrible things pedophiles do, and the horrible side effects. Continue reading


Artist Loft Watercolor Dual Tip Markers

Uniquely WonderfulMy husband gave me these fun water color markers as a gift. What a fun gift it is!  Coloring with water color markers is a little like making your own paint by numbers coloring pages.  I can not find the exact markers I own online. I have the basic 12 marker set, I miss the color purple and wonder why there are two yellows and two reds that are not much different.  When I order my next set of markers I think I will order these LETRASET Pastel Tones Pro Marker.  I use a water brush similar to this Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush.  The markers and water brush combined make a well contained enjoyable watercolor experience.  Though this is rather more like using markers that can be faded and shaded, that is the main advantage of the water color markers. Continue reading

Pitt Artists Markers

After using Crayola Markers I decided to take the artistic leap of buying myself some “real” art supplies.  My first markers purchase was Pitt Artist  Faber-Castell markers, the pastel set.  I was not disappointed!  You can tell the difference in quality from everyday markers.  The paint brush style tip is very versatile and able to accommodate small details and large areas.  Cheep markers can wear down and corrupt the pieces paper.  Pitt Markers have a much smoother feel to them when using them.  They seem to have no dimension to their color, cheep markers seem to lay a kind of goo on the page compared to the pit markers.   The Pitt Marker color seems to soak right into the paper as though it is a dye.  I have really enjoyed the pastel set, now I am anxious for more color options and want to buy more Pitt Markers. Continue reading


This piece Value was made about the middle of March.  This was after I had a significant social conflict with people I was closely associated with.  I felt they showed great disrespect and disregard for me as a survivor.  This moment was the last straw in many ways, because I had been limping along trying to  look normal for far too long after being re-traumatized by reporting my father to his church.  This was the moment I totally closed in and stopped doodling and blogging for about two months.

Value - Doodle & Art Journal by Jeanine A Thriver
Value – Doodle & Art Journal by Jeanine A Thriver

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Old Crayola Pieces

Circus of Old and New, Doodle by Jeanine A Thriver

Last year sometime after realizing I was doodling all the time on random pieces of paper I decided to doodle in my art book.  I started out doodling with markers and colored pens I bought for my kids school supplies.   I remember being excited when I bought my own set of Crayola Fine Tip Markers because the very fine tips enabled me to put a lot more detail in my doodles. Continue reading

Look! I grew a fantasy flower maiden with my pen.

Stern Flower MaidenI put my pen to paper and decided to be loose and open with drawing a person like I am open and loose with drawing my doodles. I had no predetermined idea of what I wanted to draw.  It was fun to see this Flower Maiden emerge a few lines at a time. Continue reading

Delicious Gelly Roll Pens

Stickers and LaceI got some Gelly Roll pens back in the middle of Feb.  I was delighted with the pens so smooth and colorful, I loved the feel of making curvy lines with them, and the paint-like little dots. In this “Pen Test Image” I am using every color of my new Gelly rolls and my new Pitt Artist  Faber-Castell markers, the pastel set. Continue reading