Family Court Crimes, Tweets Part

Here is a continuation of twitter tweets I have collected on the topic of Family Court Crimes and the Wolferts.

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My New Blogs

miathriver avatar2Hello all my followers. I have divided my blog posts out to several different blogs based on posting topics. It did not seem right to have a blog post about Homeschooling one day and then the next day have a blog post about being a Survivor of Abuse all on the same blog. Continue reading

Project Unbreakable

Unbreakable Mia 1 to 4 modifiedI am trying something different for Project Unbreakable.   Traditionally Project Unbreakable is photographs of survivors of abuse holding posters about their abuse.  Sometimes the survivor shows their identity, sometimes they do not.

I am a blogger and doodler.  I use art therapy to calm my nerves.  I post this art on my blog along with my thoughts on Sexual Abuse and Recovery at .  It seems fitting to draw my Project Unbreakable images instead of using the traditional photographs.  

I have created four doodles for Project Unbreakable instead of just one image.   After suffering a lifetime of abuse at the hands of my father it was hard to sum up the abuse in just four images.  These four images represent some of my trauma memories at different ages.

I am working on Thriving and taking back my life.  I am the only person in my family who broke free.  My mother and my sisters are still under the abusers influence.  They turned against me and back-stabbed me.  I lost my mother and all my sisters to my pedophile fathers influence.

I am now working on moving forward, and learning to Thrive.  I have broken free from my abuser.   I am still trying to figure out thriving.  It is not easy.  So  I keep persisting and I don’t give up. Continue reading

About Mia

img005 Mia Thriver Avatar
Mia Thriver Avatar ~ Doodle by Jeanine A Thriver/ Mia Thriver

I am the survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse and incest. The pedophile that abused me was my father. By my father, I was sexually abused (most likely for years, starting very young), mentally abused, emotionally abused, and spiritually abused. I was then brainwashed to believe that I experienced nothing but love and care, no abuse. Continue reading

Introducing Me – A – Thriver

img005 Mia Thriver Avatar
Mia Thriver Avatar ~ Doodle by Jeanien A Thriver/ Mia Thriver

Hello.  I have started a new blog.  When starting a new blog, why not use wordpress…  Sure… I can learn something new.

So I tried to think of a new name (Mia Thriver) that encompassed my focus. I love this new name, I love the focus on Thriving. Continue reading