Suppressed Trauma Memories

Suppressed Trauma Memories ~ Doodle by Jeanine A Thriver

Suppressed Trauma Memories are often misunderstood by survivors of trauma, society and professionals alike.  This misunderstanding can be seen in the article snip-it below.

Explanations for Forgetting: Reasons Why We Forget, By Kendra Cherry.

4. Motivated Forgetting Sometimes, we may actively work to forget memories, especially those of traumatic or disturbing events or experiences. The two basic forms of motivated forgetting are: suppression, a conscious form of forgetting, and repression, an unconscious form of forgetting.

However, the concept of repressed memories is not universally accepted by all psychologists. One of the problems with repressed memories is that it is difficult, if not impossible, to scientifically study whether or not a memory has been repressed. Also note that mental activities such as rehearsal and remembering are important ways of strengthening a memory, and memories of painful or traumatic life events are far less likely to be remembered, discussed, or rehearsed.

via Reasons Why We Forget – 4 Explanations for Forgetting.

My Comments on this Article

Before I entered therapy I knew I had memory problems.   It was very difficult for me to remember much of my past.  I had trouble remembering basic everyday things,  like doctors appointments.  I often would forget memories.  I did not understand the reasons for my memory difficulties.   Eventually my Therapist helped me understand suppressed trauma memories.

My suppressed trauma memories were very real.   I had no accessible memories of my traumas.  I had never processed the meaning of the traumas.   The traumas were completely disconnected from my everyday reality. That is until I finally remembered and processed my suppressed trauma memories.  I had lived in a false world my whole life, before I remembered these trauma memories.  I was awakening to the lifetime of lies and abuses I had ignored.  My suppressed trauma memories had in them the keys to unlocking a lifetime of lies.

I know suppressed trauma memories are real.  Truth is what helps us understand and explain reality.  When I learned about suppressed trauma  memories so many of my experiences finally made sense.  Ask any survivor of traumas and they will tell you  the validity of suppressed trauma memories.

The people who question this suppression are the skeptics.  The supporters of pedophiles, the people in denial of their own abuse, or pedophiles themselves, want to ignore suppressed memories.  They love to use quack science and cold logic to invalidate the victims experience.  Because if the victims memories can be invalidated they either don’t have to face the truth, or they can hide behind the lies.

The vanity of some scientists.  They think they can know from the outside, more about what us survivors are experiencing, then the people living the reality.


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