Open Letter to Brian Wolferts by DeAnn Tilton

My name is DeAnn Tilton. I’m a survivor of childhood abuse (emotional, physical and sexual) at the hands of my father. I started a public awareness campaign in Utah, called Talk to a Survivor. Talk to a Survivor supports survivors who feel able to publicly identify as survivors of sexual violence, particularly, childhood sexual abuse, to foster resilience among other survivors and advocate for policy change, including the elimination of statutes of limitation in cases of sexual abuse and assault.

Regarding the Wolferts family: I cannot speak to the legalities of the case. I do have a message for Brian Wolferts.

Dear Mr Wolferts,

As a parent, I understand the longing to be close to your children. I can’t imagine why you would be working so hard to have S.W. and D.W. live with you again. But, sadly, it’s clear that they don’t want to live with you. How painful.

If what you want is to feel close to your daughters, you can begin that today- now. I urge you to model the love and respect that creates closeness.

Let them speak their truth- let them live where they would like to live. Begin repairing the harm done, whatever it’s been, by giving them a gift of not having to fight with you.

I wish you and your family peace-


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