Believe Abuse Survivors 2

I just read this post HOW TO REACT TO DISCLOSURE

These are my comments.

Wonderful post!!! You are spot on, a child internalizes the reaction to their reporting! We do need to educate the public on how to react when a child reports.  People need to know how to react to child abuse.

Here are the quotes I liked & collected.

“How can anyone learn how to react to a child who discloses abuse when, we still put our hands over our ears when the subject arises?”

“I want to come out of the closet and say, “My brother fucked me.” So what if you don’t want to hear it. Try living it”

“If we don’t start talking about it, and talking about it a lot, we cannot stop the cycle; the pain, destruction and harm to our children.”

“What if your child, grand-child, niece or nephew came to you and said, “Uncle Joe fucked me,” or “Grandpa sucked my pee pee spot,” or “Daddy stuck his thing in me?” Would you be able to contain your look of shock, horror, and revulsion?”

“The child absorbs the revulsion and horror into herself instantly. “I am horrible, dirty, disgusting, BAD.”

“all too often, she is further victimized by her mother and family who choose not to believe her and don’t protect her from further attacks.”

“I’d like to hear steps on HOW TO REACT TO A CHILD’S DISCLOSURE OF SEXUAL ABUSE on the evening news, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, ANYTHING!”

How to React to Child Abuse Comment
This blog post was lost when my Mia Thriver Blog went down. Thankfully I found the text in a chached version of this page. The cache also included comments that were posted on this blog. These comments can be seen in the above image.


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