Bright Animated Random Doodling

triangle doodle
Triangle ~ Doodle By Mia Thriver,

I have done a bit of Energy Profiling, Carol Tuttle style.  A first I thought I was a type two (type 2).  But then one day my inner child cried out that she wanted brighter colors.  It took me a long time to see that I was closer to a type one (type 1).  My childlike type oneness was so suppressed that I could not see it.  As an adult I lived my life as a type two, over-stressing about details, in hopes to keep myself safe.  I found I actually resented type ones, because my family trained me to resent myself in so many ways.  It was really hard to admit I was a type one and not hate myself for it, the way my family seemed to hate me.

Type ones are described as bright, animated and random.  I have spent a lifetime doodling in a bright, animated random style, but I have never valued my doodles.  As I woke up to my oneness I saw my doodles and how they communicated my nature in them.  I decided to embrace my oneness and my doodling .  I got out an art book, a black marker and some crayons.  The above triangle doodle was the result of this creative expression.

Now I find I doodle all the time.  I have even started to do more skilled forms of art too.  It brings me joy to doodle, and draw in bright animated, random ways.   Doodling also helps calm my anxiety. It does feel like I am doing better at living my truth.  Plus, Bright Animated Random Doodling is fun.  This Energy Profiling is a nice invite to me to connect with my inner child more.  I think there is a lot of truth to it, but I do not follow it religiously.


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