Legal Problems when Reporting Sexual Abuse

sued by parents2I just read this post. Sued by My Parents For Exposing My Sexual Abuse.

 These are my comments

I connected with so many things you said!

Wow… I just suffered a similar difficult situation with my family. I am still trying to sort it all out. I just blogged about it. Retraumatized after Reporting you for your insights. This is just what I needed to read.

This is strange. She says “Facing my loss of control has actually set me free.” Is that how you fix it? “I may incur difficulties for it, but I’d rather face the pain of speaking out than the pain of staying silent.”

These are the quotes I collected/ liked in this post.

“”Friends tried to encourage me with things like, “Justice will prevail” or “Truth will triumph”.

“But really, good doesn’t always triumph over evil and love doesn’t always win. That’s not the world we live in.”

“Do good and things will work out—the reward of altruism.”

“My version of order, my paradigm of the world, was crumbling.”

“I learned as a kid. As a child, being safe was just a fantasy. As an adult, I needed to let go of that fantasy and accept the world as it is”

“But I’d love a happier ending. It would be wonderful if everything I’ve done to stand up to injustice would guarantee a positive outcome”


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