Why Your Opinion Matters, in Cases like the Wolferts Sisters, Part 1

I survived Childhood Sexual Abuse at the hands of my Pedophile Father.  I survived my fathers acts of Parental Alienation.  Even as I was scared of him at night, like I would be scared of a pack of wolves attacking me. Even then.  I stood with my sisters and told my mother that if she divorced my father, I would accuse her of being an abuser and ask to live with my dad.  Why did I do this?  Because I did not want to be “crazy” and mocked by father and the supporters he had co-opted, whom I trusted.

That is my background, that is the roll I play in cases like the Wolferts Sisters.  I care about this issue, I have direct knowledge about this issue.  I need to try to fight against these things happening to other children.


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So much truth is written here. So much truth. So much like my life.

Re Blogged from Source: INNER DWELLING by Patricia Grace

“The ‘family’ causing the anguish, the same ones who extinguish a child’s light, continue to keep dark the horrors of her childhood throughout her adult life.

In their selfish need to maintain their own innocence, and the pretense of a family not riddled with the sadistic crimes of incest on an innocent little girl, they are completely willing to sacrifice that child’s life, her entire life. Continue reading

Because of You… To My Sisters

Because of you (and Sister #2) I never feel I can trust my friends.  Because of you I am waiting for my words to be misinterpreted and used against me.  Because of you I expect to have thinly veiled criticisms from everyone.  Because of you I never want to be vulnerable again.  Because of you I do not feel I can be respected how I am.  Because of you I expect the kind words are all lies. Because of you I don’t believe peoples claims of support.  Because of you I expect to be betrayed by anyone close.  Because of you I believe my friendships are false. Because of you I do not believe people can believe me.

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What did I do today?

what-did-you-do-todayThat feeling when you get down to the end of the day.  You are exhausted.  And you cant remember what you did all day.  Instead all you can see is the to-do’s  you are surrounded by that you did not get to.

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holding hands

Dare I write a post about this topic?

My good blogger friend Grace to Survive just wrote about this topic Childhood Losses Due To Abuse.  If you are not a survivor of sexual abuse you may need to read her post to understand this post in context.  Those of us who have been abused struggle with intimacy. Continue reading

A Full Spectrum of Feelings Review

emotions2I just finished reading A Full Spectrum of Feelings.  It was time for me to read that blog post.

These are the quotes I liked.

It is time for me to let go of the anger I have towards myself for not feeling like I am strong enough to get over the past mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Finally, it is time for me to celebrate that every day I am birthing myself anew and that I am really learning to accept my life on life’s terms.

It is time to celebrate I am living fully human, fully alive and embracing the bliss and pain of my life.

When did I become so jaded?

A Better Doodle

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