About Me

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Hello I am Jeanine. I blog about my life as a hobby. I write about my hobbies as a blogger. I like to speak my mind through my blogging. My blogging is an important part of my therapy.

I am married to my best friend for almost twenty years. I have five children that keep me busy.

I have homeschooled all of my children in their early years of their schooling. My older children attend charter schools.

I am fascinated by topics related to homesteading. I am a wanna be farmer. We have farm animals, we do our best to learn as we go. We have had chickens, other farm poultry and goats for several years, so I have gotten quite competent with these areas of farming.

I am also interested in whole foods, natural and homemade products, and general back to nature life style. The only problem is the back to nature and homesteading lifestyle can take a lot of time and is hard to fit into modern everyday life. We live on a half acre in the city. So we are some cross between country and city, but honestly, we are still mostly city people. We often think we would like to move out further to the country of smaller towns.

I draw and doodle whenever I hold still for any length of time. It is not long, after I sit down before I am looking for something, anything to doodle with. Because of this I carry a large assortment of art supplies in my purse with me everywhere I go. My doodling helps with my anxiety related to PTSD, because of this I doodle often in situations where I would be more stressed.

I have recently started creating Adult Coloring Pages and selling them on Etsy.

I am a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest at the hands of my Pedophile father. Most of my recent blogging has been about my healing process. I have written a lot about my survivor story in another post here Jeanine A Thriver.

I am LDS. I am fascinated by ancient religions and civilizations. I love the Old Testament. I love looking for connections between ancient civilizations and the Old Testament. I am a Creationist. I believe God Created this earth. I do not believe in evolution to the extent that one species will change and become a whole new species. I believe in a young earth and am skeptical about the millions of years evolutionists like to talk about. I am skeptical about carbon dating and other forms of dating. I find it interesting how much the evolutionist view of history is constantly changing and being disproven and then re-adjusted. I believe the Bibles accounting of history holds true over time and any evidences against it seem to fade and be invalidated, in my experience.

I am interested in politics. My interest in politics is very much guided by my LDS views and my belief in Biblical teachings. I have not written much about politics recently. I believe my views of politics are in flux and moving, I have not yet felt strong enough about much that is going on in politics today, enough to blog about it.

I love Music. I live to the rythms and poetic words of music. I seem to always have a song that represents my focus in life. This focus song changes from time to time as my focus changes. I love to collect songs. I have collected songs that I feel represent the survivors experience of healing. I have collected songs that I feel are positive and inspirational.

I blog about my interest in all these topics in my Jeanine A Blogger / Thriver / Doodler / Homesteader / Homeschooler / Believer / DJ blog conglomerate.