Apathy Towards Child Pornography


I just read this post #JohnGrisham

This is my comment on that post

Great comments on Child Pornography, and apathy towards child pornography.

These are the tweetables I collected from that post

“Mr. Grisham this is 2014, we no longer believe it is acceptable to abuse children, sexually or otherwise.”

“Grisham & it appears, some others exhibit a certain apathy towards those who view child pornography as apposed to those who produce it. ”

“The children who are scarred for the rest of their entire life. They have been given a life sentence”

“The victims “life span can be shortened tremendously by drugs, alcohol or suicide.”

“If they are fortunate enough to overcome those obstacles, they can & will deal with a tremendous amount of inner turmoil & emotional pain”

“The adults had choices. Free will choices & they chose/choose to take advantage of children.”

“We as a society have deemed it (child pornography) illegal & it’s going to stay that way. Mr. Grisham”

“There is also a progression concerning child pornography. They think about it, they view it, they act on it.”


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