Biscuits for Biscuits and Gravy


I love this biscuit recipe… We have made it several times.. but then I lost it.  I posted it to recipezaar but their new webpage wont work. I am posting it to my blog so I can find the darn thing again. Continue reading


After I ate Wendys I

MMama3 After I ate Wendy’s I felt aluminumified. My guess is there was aluminum in a special sauce or cheese sauce.



Don’t eat
Cheese sauce
Crispy Chicken
tater sauce
French fries

Carls Jr.

I looked at Carl’s Jr today to see what I could eat there… The list had allot good on it. Continue reading

Aluminum Free Fast Food – McDonalds

Mcdonalds as of 10-31-09 Continue reading

Cinnamon Roll Humor

Don’t you just want to take a bite?

A picture is worth a thousand words…

To bad I can not send their smell through the computer. Maybe in the future computers will not only let us see and hear, but also smell. Of course it would only give you a syntheticscent, and most synthetic scents are toxic. Continue reading

Birthday Parties! The birthday cake has aluminum in it…

MMama3What will I do for all the Birthday Parties my kids go to…?

Thankfully they love icecream more then they do cake, maybe if you tell them they can eat icecream only and not cake they will be happy with that. Do I always tell the mother, please don’t dish out any cake for my kids, it will make them sick? Or do I trust the kids to be dished out cake and not eat it? Or do I think one birthday cake here and there wont be that bad?
The Muffin Mama