FREE! Adult Coloring Book Page – Fantasy Bird

WOW!! I got Amazing responses to this FREE Coloring page!! Thank you EVERYONE!

After hearing your suggestions I simplified the piece.  The more complex version is still in this post, below.  I am still not completely happy with the plume.  I might try to draw that differently in the future.

ENJOY!  Please post your coloring pages in the comments below. I would LOVE to see them!

FREE! Fantasy Bird, Simplified Coloring Page in PDF <——- CLICK here

Fantasy Bird Simplified

Who knew I was part of a craze.  The Adult Coloring craze.  Most often it is wonderfully detailed coloring pages made for adults to color.

I have recently found several great facebook groups about Adult Coloring.  Most of the people on the facebook color in coloring pages drawn by other artists.  Some of them doodle their own pages, like me.  Some people on there make coloring pages and sell them on Etsy and places like that.

I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from the face book groups.  I have been most interested in fancy detailed birds.  Because of this I decided to try to draw a Fantasy Bird myself.  I am also branching out by drawing in monochromatic black outlines, so that it can be a coloring page too.

So here you have it.  My first coloring page I drew.
FREE Fantasy Bird Coloring Page in PDF <——- CLICK here
Fantasy Bird

My thoughts on this page:

I think it is a bit toooo detailed to work for coloring.  Also the monochromatic makes the details all kind of run together.  Annoyingly enough my scanner missed the last tip of the front of the birds plume.  I am not sure scanning them in is getting the best visual for coloring.   I drew it in pencil, then drew over it in pen, then erased the pencil afterwards.  This erasing seems to have effected the way the scanner picks up the black lines.  I think I may want a lighter sketching pencil next time.  I think I would sketch just the outlines in pencil and then fill in the details with pen, because the outlines are the hardest parts for me.  I read that one artist on facebook transfers her artworks on to a new page, using a light box, in order to get rid of he pencil marks.   I like having my multi media art book I take with me everywhere to doodle in.  Maybe in the future I will get a sketch book with thinner pages and try the light box transfer thing… Maybe… for now this is just all for fun.

You’re thoughts:

I would love to hear what you think of this free adult coloring page.  If you do end up coloring this page I would love to have you post your images in the comments.



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