Recent Days – an email from my DH


I wanted to send you a note and let you know that I am so impressed with how you are able to stand up to pressure these last few days. You have had really important conversations with (family member 1),(family member 2) and (family member 3), and I really appreciate that you have the ability to do it even with all the stresses that I know you yourself are under.

Your orchestration of our positive Sunday dinner conversation with the family was amazing. You are so healthy and strong and that has really been on display the last few days. I know that I have my own set of strengths and so I’m not tearing myself down when I say that I don’t think that I could do what you have been doing were the situation reversed… so thanks… thanks for being you.

(From my DH)

My reply,

Wow!  That was so sweet.  That means a lot to me!  Thank you!


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