Family Court Crimes, Tweets Part 1

I guess I am old school.  I use the hootsuite app to bulk schedule tweets.  I just found out people use bots for that! Cool! Maybe some day I will relearn how to tweet with bots!  lol.  I just ran out of the tweets I made and need to start building some more tweets to load up.  This last batch of tweets covered a large range of topics and webpages.  I am going to compile my different tweet phrases here, so that they can easily be found and used in the future.  I really put a lot of effort into it and compiled a lot of different sources.

Well… My arm is warn out from the copy and past motion over and over.  So here are half of the tweets I made last round.  I will hopefully blog part 2 tomorrow.  Yes, I know I almost never get to part 2. But the pattern can change 🙂


  • Myths About Custody and Domestic Violence
  • The majority of abuse complaints are true
  • Several Hash tags can be used with this.  #WolfertsSisters #Tsimhoni #RuckiSisters #StopCourtCrimes #StopAbuse #FamilyCourtCrimes

Equality Time – Standing for Something: The Victims of Abuse

  • “fathers are 16 times more likely to fabricate abuse allegations than mothers.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “He also sought to deprive the girls of a guradian ad litem” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I believe Brittany. I believe S.W. and D.W. And I believe in these girls.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I support victims of abuse to be heard and to be protected from their alleged abusers.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “It is time we stopped defending abusers because they put on an outward appearance of righteousness” #WolfertsSisters
  • “The accusations against him are serious and credible, he [trying] to prevent them from being heard” #WolfertsSisters
  • “the girls’ father has fought their efforts to have their day in court.” #WolfertsSisters
  • S.W. and D.W. express frustration at being forced to live with their dad, where they do not feel safe #WolfertsSisters

Equality Time – Setting the Record Straight and Supporting the Wolferts Sisters

  • “Approximately 6 weeks [after #WolfertsSisters ran away] Brian approached media and told them his girls were missing”
  • “Between 1994 and 2000, Brian engaged in multiple sexual affairs with women aged 18-29.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Brian ensured that the girls spent only three days with their mom” 2013 – 2014 #WolfertsSisters
  • “Brian failed to give the notice he was legally required to provide before moving the girls” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Brittany suffered under her father’s autocratic rule until her 18th birthday” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Hyde reported to DCFS the need for an investigation to take place on an emergency basis.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Roby and Dr. Hyde did not testify, nor was Dr. Roby’s affidavit accepted into evidence.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Roby concluded that Brian’s ‘sexual arousal patterns suggest a need for psychotherapy #WolfertsSisters
  • “he swore S.W. and D.W. to secrecy” #WolfertsSisters
  • “In December 2013, Brian suddenly moved to Topeka, Kansas, taking Sydney and Danielle with him” #WolfertsSisters
  • “June 2014 Brittany filed a Petition to Determine Abuse and Neglect.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Michelle had to move into a shelter to avoid his abuse.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “My mom had full custody for six years, she was the parent that was most involved in our raising.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Sandra Dredge + Dr. Blakelock knew of Brian’s violent past and sexual history” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Tellingly, their supposed Guardian ad Litem, Kelly Peterson, never interviewed them. ” #WolfertsSisters
  • “The judge never talked to them. ” #WolfertsSisters
  • “The special master, Sandra Dredge, never talked to them. ” #WolfertsSisters
  • “upon hearing that they would have to go back to their dad, they ran away, ” #WolfertsSisters
  • “we weren’t allowed to see our mom or go get our things. We were torn from everything we ever knew” #WolfertsSisters
  • “With the girls completely isolated in Kansas, he ratcheted up his abusive behavior” #WolfertsSisters
  • “S.W. D.W. + I will never forget the day custody changed. Painful would not be an adequate word #WolfertsSisters
  • #WolfertsSisters “blog tell the story of a man who abuses his wife and daughters in myriad ways.”
  • Brian “was able to win custody in March 2011 despite all three girls’ fervent wishes to be protected from their father.” #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian Wolferts managed to manipulate a corrupt family-court system, vital need of reform. #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian’s brother offered to let #WolfertsSisters live with them in Utah to minimize the disruption to their lives
  • Dr Hyde said #WolfertsSisters would be severely emotionally harmed if restored to the custody of their father
  • In 2005, Utah DCFS investigated domestic violence, in which Brian  physically assaulted Michelle #WolfertsSisters
  • Michelle “knew her girls were in real danger if they were left alone, unsupervised, with Brian” #WolfertsSisters

Equality Time – Found, but Not Forgotten

  • “Brittany, her sisters, and their mother could use your help and support now more than ever. ” #WolfertsSisters
  • “It is a great relief to know they have been kept safe from their abusive father” after they ran #WolfertsSisters

Jeanine A Thriver – PTSD confused with Parental Alienation Syndrome

  • Don’t you think an abused child would feel alienated towards their abuser? #FamilyCourtReform #Tsimhoni #StopAbuse #WolfertsSisters #StopCourtCrimes #RuckiSisters
  • PAS should only be applied where there was no actual abuse #FamilyCourtReform #WolfertsSisters #StopAbuse #RuckiSisters #StopCourtCrimes #Tsimhoni
  • Gardner himself said PAS should only be applied where there was no actual abuse #FamilyCourtReform #WolfertsSisters #StopAbuse #RuckiSisters #StopCourtCrimes #Tsimhoni
  • Gardner was concerned that PAS was being “misapplied.” #FamilyCourtReform #Tsimhoni #StopAbuse #WolfertsSisters #StopCourtCrimes #RuckiSisters
  • PAS assumes the parent the child feels alienation towards is the “good” parent. #StopAbuse #RuckiSisters #Tsimhoni #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters #FamilyCourtReform
  • PTSD confused with Parental Alienation Syndrome #FamilyCourtReform #Tsimhoni #StopCourtCrimes #RuckiSisters #WolfertsSisters #StopAbuse
  • Richard A Gardner said PAS does not apply in cases of abuse. #FamilyCourtReform #WolfertsSisters #StopAbuse #RuckiSisters #StopCourtCrimes #Tsimhoni
  • side by side comparison of the symptoms of PTSD and the symptoms of PAS #FamilyCourtReform #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse #Tsimhoni
  • PTSD confused with Parental Alienation Syndrome #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters
  • Symptoms of PTSD are called PAS and used against the victims #FamilyCourtReform #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse #Tsimhoni #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters
  • When “Symptoms of PAS” are seen it’s assumed that the parent the child feels safe with is abusing #FamilyCourtReform #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes #Tsimhoni #WolfertsSisters

Jeanine A Thriver – Wolferts Custody Report Part 1

  • “Subtle behaviors” from Michelle are not justification to remove the children from her care #WolfertsSisters
  • “reporting inappropriate sexual behaviors” put #WolfertsSisters at risk the opposite of what Dr Blakelock said
  • “Subtle behaviors” is evidence of a woman who is choosing to not be angry and vindictive not of PAS #WolfertsSisters
  • “Subtle behaviors” towards Brian’s abuses does not speak of a woman who using PAS #WolfertsSisters
  • #WolfertsSisters “could be at great risk.” According to Dr. C. Y. Roby.
  • #WolfertsSisters “demonstrate patters of responsible behavior beyond expectations” while in mothers care.
  • #WolfertsSisters felt confused and had a negative feelings towards their father because of his lewd behaviors.
  • #WolfertsSisters had PTSD symptoms of “always being on guard for danger.”
  • #WolfertsSisters show “avoidance ” towards their father which is a sign of PTSD.
  • #WolfertsSisters show strong bonds towards mother. Who is quiet a compassionate, sensitive, emotionally healthy.
  • Brian had “affairs” he was “hypersexualized”. Michelle is “good natured, eager to help, concerned” #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian has a tendency to take a victim stance #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian is having hostile responses. Because Michelle “reported that he was “very cruel and abusive” #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian was abusive towards Michelle he had many affairs. #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian Wolferts has only managed to produce biased evaluations by so called experts. #Wolfertssisters
  • Brian’s infidelity + questions regarding any risk he might pose to #WolfertsSisters were not a concern to DrBlakelock
  • Brian’s infidelity and questions regarding any risk he might pose to #WolfertsSisters were major concerns of Michelle
  • Dr Blakelock stated #Wolfertssisters were safe in-spite of “Brian’s sexual contact with a child” + “deviant arousal”.
  • Dr Blakelock stated that “Brian poses little or no threat to sexually assault his daughters.” #WolfertsSisters
  • Dr Jensen did not question if Brian had insight into his damaging behaviors and harm he was causing #WolfertsSisters
  • Dr Jensen himself stated that Michelle was a “good mom”. #WolfertsSisters
  • Dr Jenson expressed belief that #WolfertsSisters negative views of dad were shaped (only) by mom’s subtle behaviors.
  • Dr Robby’s report says “Due to [Brian’s] lack of impulse control. poor judgement, treatment [is] recommended”
  • Dr. Robby’s Report described Brian as being “hypersexualized” #WolfertsSisters
  • Evidences and Arguments against the #WolfertsSisters Custody Report.
  • Examiners looking for PAS could only find “subtle behaviors” to blame on Michelle #WolfertsSisters
  • Examiners noted that Brian had “hostile responses” and yet blamed Michelle for PAS #WolfertsSisters
  • Examiners noticed major negative actions by Brian and did not even evaluate their effects on #WolfertsSisters
  • For years Brian has been filing show causes against Michelle, reporting false, exaggerated claims. #WolfertsSisters
  • I question whether or not Dr. Jensen has insight into his damaging behaviors, the harm he has caused #WolfertsSisters
  • In this post is a detailed analysis of the Wolferts Custody Report. #WolfertsSisters
  • It is impossible to think examiners are neutral when stating minor actions in Michelle had enormous negative effects
  • Michelle “has remained good natured, eager to help others, honest, sympathetic, and concerned” #WolfertsSisters
  • Michelle endured many affairs, abuse, social attacks, lewd actions towards #WolfertsSisters.
  • Michelle felt people had judged her wrongly, seeing her as the main problem, Brian was the victim #WolfertsSisters
  • Michelle is trying to protect #WolfertsSisters. She has become very concerned that they are not safe around Brian.
  • Michelle lacked positive feelings towards her ex-husband who admitted to a series of affairs #WolfertsSisters
  • Michelle used the documented facts of the Dr. Robby’s Report to combat Brian’s lies.
  • Michelle was “abused emotionally by” Brian Wolferts #Wolfertssisters
  • Michelle was “good natured, eager to help others, honest, sympathetic, and concerned for others” #WolfertsSisters
  • Michelle, Brittany, Syd and Dani have provided substantial evidences that the #WolfertsSisters have been traumatized
  • Michelle’s negative feelings about Brians afairs and abuses can only be seen in “subtle behaviors”. #WolfertsSisters
  • Only once does the document refer to any direct actions Michelle may have done to create PAS #WolfertsSisters
  • PAS experts saw PTSD from dads “hostile” actions, labeled it PAS from Michelle’s “subtle behaviors” #WolfertsSisters
  • Thank goodness Michelle had a major concern about #WolfertsSisters safety because the experts involved did not.
  • This custody report is evaluated PAS present in the #WolfertsSisters based on their resistance to dad.
  • While in the care of their mother the girls demonstrate emotional health “beyond expectations” #WolfertsSisters
  • Wolferts Custody Report Part 1 #WolfertsSisters

Jeanine A Thriver – Information about the Wolferts Sisters

  • “Brittany has been blogging about the abuses her and her sisters have suffered” #WolfertsSisters
  • “During a short stay with their mother in Utah S.W. and D.W. tried to report their father for abuse.” #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian and his attorney claim the abuse is “Unsubstantiated” there is lots of evidence they are lying #WolfertsSisters
  • “Brittany is afraid because her dad has “started the requisition process”to get the girls back to KS #WolfertsSisters
  • Kansas could possibly take over control of the girls and the decisions about their future safety. #WolfertsSisters
  • Michelle went into hiding with her daughters about a month after they had ran away. #WolfertsSisters
  • Please help spread the word so that S.W. and D.W. can be safely away from their abuser. #WolfertsSisters
  • The #WolfertsSisters S.W. and D.W. need to be safe from their abuser.
  • Brian got the hearing and the restraining order on him thrown out on a technicality. #WolfertsSisters
  • the girls ran away rather then be taken back to live with Brian #WolfertsSisters
  • The girls were afraid for their lives because Brian had described a gruesome murder to them. #WolfertsSisters
  • The girls were required to live with their father, while waiting to speak about his abuses in court #WolfertsSisters

KUTV – Orem teens missing 18 months being treated like ‘criminals’, sister says

  • Orem teens missing 18 months being treated like ‘criminals’, sister says #WolfertsSisters

RAINN Sexual abuse in home can drive youths to run

  • “34% of runaway youth reporting sexual abuse before leaving home.” According to @RAINN01 #StopCourtCrimes #FamilyCourtReform
  • “Abuse is common among runaways, 46% physical abuse, 38% emotional abuse.” According to @RAINN01 #FamilyCourtReform #StopCourtCrimes
  • Running away is still a crime in 9 states. Runaways returned to the allegedly abusive homes. #FamilyCourtReform #StopCourtCrimes #Abuse

Stop Abuse Campaign – Hawaii Becomes the First State to Introduce the Safe Child Act

  • abusers act very differently with the outside world than they do with their immediate family.
  • children are not being protected because courts have not [educated] judges [to] recognize child abuse
  • children exposed to child abuse live shorter lives, suffer more injuries, illnesses as children and later as adults.
  • courts are sending a lot of children to live with their rapists.
  • Every year, 58,000 children are sent for custody or unprotected visitation with dangerous abusers.
  • Hawaii Becomes the First State to Introduce the Safe Child Act

Stop Abuse Campaign – Missing Rucki Sisters Found: But Is That a Good Thing?

  • “a conservative estimate suggests that 58,000 children are placed in the custody of abusers annually.” @HopeLoudon #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse
  • “children spent an average of four years in the care of an abusive parent” #JoannaSilberg #RuckiSisters
  • “Domestic violence advocates assert that parental alienation is frequently alleged by one parent to discredit abuse”
  • “Nobody goes into hiding for frivolous reasons.” #RuckiSisters #FamilyCourtCrimes #StopAbuse @HopeLoudon #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters
  • “The American Psychological Association has not accepted so-called Parental Alienation #FamilyCourtReform @HopeLoudon #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse  #WolfertsSisters
  • “In my study of children who live with abusive parents, professionals ignore evidence of child abuse #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters @HopeLoudon #JoannaSilberg #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse
  • “In study of children who live with abusive parents, professionals ignore evidence of child abuse #FamilyCourtReform
  • “When children go into hiding it is almost certainly because they are afraid for their lives.” #FamilyCourtCrimes #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse #StopAbuse @HopeLoudon #StopCourtCrimes
  • #RuckiSisters said they ran away because their father was abusive and begged to live with their mom. #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes
  • Children “suffered physical and emotional effects that will take a lifetime to recover from #RuckiSisters @HopeLoudon #FamilyCourtReform #JoannaSilberg #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse #StopAbuse @HopeLoudon #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters
  • it is “disturbing that children would feel that running away is their only escape from abuse.” #FamilyCourtCrimes #RuckiSisters #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes #StopAbuse @HopeLoudon
  • Like the #RuckiSisters the #WolfertsSisters ran away from their abusive father. #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes

Stop Abuse Campaign – Returned to their abuser?

  • ” #DrPhil never turned to me so that I could speak.” #WolfertsSisters #FamilyCourtReform #StopCourtCrimes
  • ” #DrPhil Show was absolutely traumatizing.” #WolfertsSisters #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes
  • “Abuse is common among runaways, 46% physical abuse, 38% emotional abuse.” According to @RAINN01 @HopeLoudon #StopAbuse #WolfertsSisters
  • “I was shaking (durring #Dr Phil show) because my father still intimidates me.” #WolfertsSisters #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes
  • “Jennifer Collins @NoWayOutButOne and her siblings escaped with their mother to the Netherlands” #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes “
  • “They deserve to make their own choice and have a voice which hasn’t happened to this point.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “My greatest hope is for them to be free. They are intelligent girls,they know where they’re safe.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “S.W. and D.W. deserve now more than ever to have a voice and to be protected” @HopeLoudon #StopAbuse @MarinKat #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters
  • “The family court system is trafficking children into full custody of their abusive parent.” @HopeLoudon #StopAbuse #FamilyCourtReform #FamilyCourtReform #StopCourtCrimes #StopCourtCrimes
  • #WolfertsSisters “it seems that they’re being treated like their abuser’s property” #StopAbuse #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes
  • #WolfertsSisters abusive father filed order to force them back into his custody #StopCourtCrimes #FamilyCourtReform #StopAbuse
  • #WolfertsSisters present Guardian Ad Litem strongly advocated for them to remain in #Utah. # #FamilyCourtRefrom #HuffingtonPost #StopCourtCrimes
  • Courts place 58,000 children in the custody of abusers annually. #StopAbuse #FamilyCourtReform #StopCourtCrimes #WolfertsSisters
  • Judge’s decision not to return #WolfertsSisters to father challenged by Brian Wolferts’ filing requisition order
  • Parental Alienation claims are frequently made to discredit abuse allegations #FamilyCourtReform #WolfertsSisters #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome is a controversial theory. #FamilyCourtReform #WolfertsSisters #StopAbuse #StopCourtCrimes
  • Running away is still a crime in 9 states. Runaways returned to the allegedly abusive homes. #StopAbuse #Abuse #WolfertsSisters
  • The American Bar Association have advised against giving credence to “parental alienation” #StopAbuse
  • The American Psychological Association has not accepted Parental Alienation #StopAbuse #WolfertsSisters
  • When reporting abuse does not result in protection, it can seem like running away is the only option @HopeLoudon #WolfertsSisters
  • Will #WolfertsSisters be returned to their abuser? #StopAbuse #FamilyCourtReform @HopeLoudon

Support the Wolferts Sisters – Not “Cleared”

  • “[My dad] is trying as hard as he can to never have to face me or my sisters in court” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I have been working to secure a hearing in court where my dad needs to answer for his abuse. ” #WolfertsSisters
  • “My dad [says] he has been investigated for abuse and cleared by the authorities. This is not true.” #WolfertsSisters
  • No court or agency has fully investigated or ruled on the allegations of abuse #WolfertsSisters

Support the Wolferts Sisters – Brainwashing

  • ” In conclusion, this report is short due to the extremely healthy nature of Michelle’s results.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “[Our Dad] would always tell [our mother] that we were lying.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Brian has been the only person who has been interfering with the children’s phone conversations.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Blakelock DID NOT testify that we would [be punished] if we did not always pretend to be happy #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Blakelock stated we should be removed from my mother because of speculation [she] had alienated #WolfertsSisters
  • “Evaluator Dr. Blakelock testified that mother does not have any mental health issues” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I didn’t know about my dad was sexually deviant with other children until I found the Roby report” #WolfertsSisters
  • “in Michelle’s report. She was quite normal. Quite average. There were no pathology.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “in my Mother’s custody we were not depressed, not anxious, resilient, and were ‘quite amazing’ #WolfertsSisters
  • “My dad [claimed] my mother was mentally ill [when] she [believed] our reports that he was abusing #WolfertsSisters
  • “my father’s brainwashing, alienating and stockholm syndrome caused our hesitancy around him.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “my sisters and I were ‘hypervigilant about the issue of sexual abuse'” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Our dad uses this “brainwashing” argument because it discounts anything my sisters have suffered #WolfertsSisters
  • “Our father was the one constantly putting [my mother] down” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Our Father’s bad behaviors were the sole cause of our fears, psychological damage, and worry” #WolfertsSisters
  • “The results indicate exceptionally healthy psychological functioning.” of Michelle Wolferts #WolfertsSisters
  • “We watched our father get away with everything–treating us abusively” #WolfertsSisters
  • “We were negative about our Father [because] he was consistently negative in interactions with us;” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Wrongful accusations [of “brainwashing” were] created by our alienating, brainwashing, abusive dad” #WolfertsSisters
  • #WolfertsSisters “get sad when they have to be with their dad, they are very afraid of being punished by dad”
  • #WolfertsSisters have suffered too long watching theri mother being untruthfully accused of “brainwashing”
  • Brian “has made repeated complaints over the years that I [Michelle] am doing things I’m not” #WolfertsSisters
  • Report states #WolfertsSisters “were ‘independent’, ‘amazing’, ‘in a large part’ because [their] mother’s parenting”
  • “Report states it would be””‘difficult’ for us if we were placed in our father’s custody.”” #WolfertsSisters

Support the Wolferts Sisters – His “Possessions”

  • “dad started the requisition process immediately after the first hearing.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I wasn’t allowed to discuss anything about the situation with” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I’m sick at the thought of my sisters being dragged to Kansas against their will.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I’m sick at the thought of my sisters being treated like nothing” #WolfertsSisters
    “I’ve always seen my dad manipulate the truth” #WolfertsSisters
  • “In their detention review hearing it was ordered that they are to safely remain in Slate Canyon” #WolfertsSisters
  • #WolfertsSisters “As soon as they saw me their faces lit up in a huge smile and they ran to me for a hug,”
  • #WolfertsSisters “I’m so worried for them.”
  • #WolfertsSisters “They told me that they were so glad to know that I’ve been fighting for them. “
  • #WolfertsSisters “they’re so relieved to be in Utah.”
  • Brian “tries to present himself the exact opposite of who he is.” #WolfertsSisters
  • Brians “been working on this violent removal process which strips them of all rights.” #WolfertsSisters
  • If the requsition happens “the girls would be moved to Kansas against their will and by BRUTE FORCE” #WolfertsSisters
  • S.W. said “she always felt isolated” “she felt like she was always doing something wrong at dad’s” #WolfertsSisters
  • S.W. said about prison “it’s nothing compared to how I’ve felt my whole life” #WolfertsSisters

Support the Wolferts Sisters – Hopeful Update

  • “I am so grateful that the girls have someone to represent them and truly speak for them!” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I am supremely concerned that if they return to him they will be victimized for trying to speak out #WolfertsSisters
  • “It is still a very real threat that my dad will try to get them back to Kansas.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Their GAL spoke that the girls absolutely REFUSED to go to Kansas and wanted to be in Utah,” #WolfertsSisters
  • Help Save the #WolfertsSisters

Support the Wolferts Sisters – “Unsubstantiated” Abuse

  • “a client who has a history of sexual contact with children should be restricted from having unsupervised visitation”
  • “After several investigations [by] DCFS the court found my mother should remain the custodial parent #WolfertsSisters
  • “After S.W. was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease my dad refused to allow [her] the gluten free diet #WolfertsSisters
  • “as a 9-year-old I had experienced severe and prolonged punishments by my Dad” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Brian also admitted that he exposed himself to two young girls ” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Crime Victim’s Reparations paid for my therapy because of my Dad’s abuse.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “custody was wrongly defaulted to my dad” #WolfertsSisters
  • “DCFS and three expert doctors all indicated that my sisters and I were at risk with my dad.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “DCFS clearly did support a finding of abuse against my Dad” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Blakelock did not report how we were always terrified” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Blakelock discredited our fears claiming he did not directly witness the cause of our fears #WolfertsSisters
  • “Dr. Ririe recommended supervised visitation with no overnight visitation” #WolfertsSisters
  • “I get very afraid of being punished by my dad.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “My father Brian Wolferts addmitted to a history of sexual contact with a child” #WolfertsSisters
  • “My Mother provided consistent and reasonable family rules” #WolfertsSisters
  • “My mother was determined to have exceptionally healthy mental health and parenting skills” #WolfertsSisters
  • “my sisters and I have not been “coached” into talking about fabricated abuse.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “On January 3, 2005, DCFS SUBSTANTIATED domestic related child abuse and neglect against my dad” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Ron Wilkinson has been making statements to news crews regarding allegations that aren’t true.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “The first time I met the GAL was on the day he was transferring custody to our abusive father”” #WolfertsSisters
  • “This is a sad paradox in reaching out to DCFS for protection, we [exposed] ourselves to punishments #WolfertsSisters
  • “we had witnessed him attempting to throw my mom down the stairs.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “We were placed unsupervised in our father’s custody against the ATSA guidelines” #wolfertssisters
  • #WolfertsSisters “never had the opportunity to tell DCFS about the physical abuse he frequently committed against us”
  • #WolfertsSisters “were “independent” and “amazing”, “in a large part” because of my mother’s parenting”
  • #WolfertsSisters father “punishes us for something as simple and harmless as breathing or blinking”
  • Brian “Appears unable to keep the children outside the parental conflict” #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian “needs to complete the sex therapy” #WolertsSisters
  • Brian “Appears unable to encourage positive interactions between his daughters and their mother” #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian admitted he masturbated to thoughts of a child #WolfertsSisters
  • Brian Wolferts and his supporters “plan on taking them back by brute force if that’s what it takes,” #WolfertsSisters
  • Dr. C.Y Roby testified “The children could be at great risk.” #WolfertsSisters
  • It was reported that “My mother was intelligent, multi-talented, supportive” #WolfertsSisters
  • Report states #WolfertsSisters were “hyper-vigilant to any sexually inappropriate behavior that he may engage in.”
  • Special Master Sandra Dredge gave custudy to Brian after seeing evidence of DCFS substantiated abuse #Wolfertssisters

Support the Wolferts Sisters – Dr Phil

  • Brittany did not feel that #DrPhil accurately portrayed #WolfertsSisters situation.

Commission on Domestic Violence – 10 Custody Myths and How to Counter Them

  • 10 Custody Myths and How to Counter Them #FamilyCourtReform #StopCourtCrimes #StopAbuse #WolfertsSisters #Tsimhoni

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