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Information about the Wolferts Sisters

wolferts sisters

Brittany Wolferts has been blogging about the situation and the abuses that her and her sisters have suffered, you can see a summary of his abuses in the blog post below.

Brian’s Abuse In Summary

During a short stay with their mother in Utah S.W. and D.W. tried to report their father for abuse.  They subpoenaed their dad to appear in court for the girls to have their abuse claims reviewed.  The dad got the hearing thrown out because of a technicality in how they subpoenaed him.  They filed a restraining order on him, which he somehow got removed on a technicality.  The dad then got their court hearing moved back to October.  This meant that the girls had several months until their day in court.  The girls short visitation with their mother was over and they were being required to go live with their father again, while waiting for their day to speak about his abuses in court, after having notified the authorities in Utah of his abuses.  The girls were afraid for their lives because Brian had described a gruesome murder to them.  So the girls ran away rather then be taken back to live with Brian.  After sometime, approximately two months, Michelle received a phone call telling her one of her daughters was in a state of distress because of all that she had suffered because of Brian’s actions.  At this time Michelle felt she needed to be there to support her daughters who were struggling greatly emotionally.  Michelle went into hiding with her daughters that had ran away.  Recently Michelle and S.W. and D.W. were found in hiding in Utah.  Brittany wrote about this in the blog post below. Continue reading

I feel like I am standing on the leading edge of the battle line between good and evil.

To me this battle against Abusers, Manipulators, and Corruption looks like the front line of an Epic Battle, like in the Lord of the Rings.

The heroes to the left of me, and the heroes to the right of me, look like everyday people.  But they possess a rare form of bravery, because each of them chose to stand and fight evil where they encounter it. Continue reading

Why Your Opinion Matters, in Cases like the Wolferts Sisters, Part 1

I survived Childhood Sexual Abuse at the hands of my Pedophile Father.  I survived my fathers acts of Parental Alienation.  Even as I was scared of him at night, like I would be scared of a pack of wolves attacking me. Even then.  I stood with my sisters and told my mother that if she divorced my father, I would accuse her of being an abuser and ask to live with my dad.  Why did I do this?  Because I did not want to be “crazy” and mocked by father and the supporters he had co-opted, whom I trusted.

That is my background, that is the roll I play in cases like the Wolferts Sisters.  I care about this issue, I have direct knowledge about this issue.  I need to try to fight against these things happening to other children.


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The Perfect Li_e is waiting for you

My husband feels like this song and video greatly represent my distancing myself from my family. I will highlight in the lyrics the parts he likes the best. But it is not just the lyrics that symbolizes my relationships with my family, to him, the video does too. My husband really likes the symbolization in each of the “perfect” trucks. He especially finds the last truck striking. As the truck drives by it says “The perfect life is waiting for you.” But then the f in life falls away to reveal, the words, “the perfect lie is waiting for you.”

The Perfect Lie2
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How to heal after childhood sexual abuse

light-of-godI just read How to heal after childhood sexual abuse by Jodi-Anne

I was not emotionally able to read all of the post. But I skimmed quite a bit and read in detail other parts. These are the parts that stood out to me. Continue reading

Puppet Sister

Puppet So he dances her out of her twenty years of isolation.  Her twenty years of only talking to him.  Away from her cult.  Away from his friend, her cult leader.  Like a puppet on strings.  And because everyone is so happy to see her, he will instantly become their hero. Continue reading