Domestic Violence and Religion

stop-domestic-violence-logoI just finished reading this post.  Should Women Knuckle Down To The Devil? (Domestic Violence Awareness) 

This is my comment on this post

Very well said!

These are the Tweetables from the post.

“For any person to tell a woman she should stay in the relationship because God hates divorce….”

…”you are telling her to bow down to the devil because YOU want to see a Miracle.”

“Truth be told: there’s a strong chance that with the advice you’re giving others, you wouldn’t even do. ”

“Don’t put yourself in situations where your life is in danger due to a violent spouse,”

“don’t allow a faith community to allow you to stay in a relationship where they condemn you for speaking out,”

“Faith communities need to hold people accountable and stop focusing on miracles, signs & wonders”


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