Safe Little World

Safe Little World CompositeMy Safe Little World ~ Art Doodle by Mia Thriver

Dear Diary,

Do you know what I did today?  I stopped paying all my bills.  And took whatever money we could scrape together and bought a Winnebago .  We packed up anything we could in one day.  And then I loaded up my kids and my husband.  And I drove off.  I drove away from the city I grew up in.  I drove away from the city where my sisters betrayed me.  I drove away from chaos.  I drove away from everything.  But I could not find a safe place.  Because pedophiles are everywhere.  They are in every institution.  They are in every income status level.  They are in every city, state, town and a I dare say family.  So I turned my Winnebago into a rocket ship and flew off to my own little safe world.  One place where I can get away from pedophiles.

Post Description: Where I take an imaginary trip in an imaginary Winnebago. To the one place that is free from pedophiles.  Another world, my safe little world.


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