The following post is written very quickly to get you caught up, before I need to go make dinner, sorry for how rough it is.

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Checking in…

MMama3The truth is I have not devoted as much attention to my children and them removing aluminum from their diet. I asked their girl scout leader about not having aluminum in their snacks, and she gave no solution or ideas… I noticed one day after girl scouts they were more cranky, that could be because of aluminum. I am not sure. Continue reading

An Update

MMama3That totally fits my life. Since you said that I have looked back over my life and seen how socially awkward I was, and I am glad I have learned as many social lessons as I have so far, thankfully I can now participate in a neighborhood more effectively. Growing up with aluminum has seemed to effected my social skills. Continue reading

A solution after all this time…

MMama3After that danish I ate at my SIL’s I see what I am up against with aluminum. I do not like it. I can not estimate for you how many dark days of my life have been spent just like that. I can not recapture how much of a failure I felt I was, and how much I felt I was choosing to be lazy. It is such a relief to know what causes that. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I struggled greatly with aluminum up and until the moment I no longer had the strength to struggle against it, then I found JoAnne Struve’s web page…. Continue reading

Good Days and Bad Days

MMama3Today seems to be a medium day. I am not sure if I ate something with aluminum in it. I am still not being ultra vigilant in my AAT, I read labels and avoid many foods, but there are still areas where I could be exposed to aluminum. My brain is feeling clogged, and I am stressing about things more. The more I stress the more my brain feels clogged. Thankfully my husband is home today. We will be filling up a dumpster, and sending in more mortgage documents. Continue reading

Feeling Good

MMama3Today the city is leaving a dumpster at our home. We had hoped to have the home cleaned out and all the extra unwanted stuff, that was not good enough for the DI, ready to go into the dumpster. But alas that is not where we are at. I took today off of work because I feel and inspiration coming on, and I am ready to attack my home. These To-Do lists on here have proven to be helpful so I am going to try that again today. Well.. Actually my to do list is simple to get me started. Continue reading

Cleaning Plan Over View


  1. 5 min maintenance
  2. Quick clean Fr, Kt, Hl, Bth
  3. Find Alarm Clocks
  4. Load DI into van
  5. Quick Clean back
  6. Clean off Carport
  7. Run Van Load
  8. Visiting Teaching
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