Breaking the Silence of Suicide

stop suicide

I just read this post.  Why Suffering In Silence Causes Suicide 

These are my comments

This is a great post about breaking the silence of suicide.  Tremayne is an excellent advocate for people at risk of Suicide.  This most recent post gets to the heart of the silence people feel trapped in when they are at risk.  Tremayne is doing allot in breaking the silence of suicide.

Here are the quotes I liked/ collected

How do I get strong? You start by loving the person you were created to be. It doesn’t happen overnight.

“It might be a process especially if rejection and abuse is all you’ve received for most of your life.”

“If you are currently suffering in silence, I pray that you seek help.”

“It’s hard when you have been rejected from heartless people and those who mean well.”

“I challenge you to understand them so they feel understood (even if you don’t believe what they believe).”

“You have something to live for. You may not know right now, but I ask that you don’t give up.”

“God is listening and He knows where you are. When no human being wants to listen, He will. “


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