The many emotions, in the process of breaking free from abuse, Sara Bareilles style.

sara-bareilles-chasing-the-sun-lyrics-hdListen to the many emotions of Sara as she moves from pain to healing and then freedom. Continue reading


What Victims of Abuse Need, In Order to Speak Out!

Trigger Warning! I do give some overview-examples of how each point can be seen in my abuse experience.

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The Atonement does not heal Lung Cancer or Kidney Disease

The Lord loved each of us enough to atone for each of our imperfections and sins.  He loved us each enough to die for us so that we may live again.  He loved us so much that he would make these sacrifices for us, even if some of us will never choose to partake of the gift.

The Lord has a unique message to the earth of unconditional love.  The Lord loves everyone, no matter the circumstances.  The Lord holds his hand out to lift everyone up, no matter what their choices are.

As people follow their Lord they are inspired to lift up others around them.  As people follow their Lord they have an unusual sense of hope towards the world.

I am very thankful for all the Lord has done to lift me up, give me hope, and help me heal. Continue reading

#PerpsInChurch How to Heal a Perpetrator’s Sexual Abuse Addiction

bright white tomb

I hesitate to make this list. Because perpetrators will find it and figure out how to game it, and fake it so they look sincere in these actions.  It is what they do. They lie and deceive to gain trust.  But I am making the list because I want to break the lie that perpetrators can be healed by God and have all their tendencies to perpetrate wiped away in this life.  Perpetrating is an addiction. Once someone is addicted to being sexually abusive, the addiction will not leave their body, it can only be managed. Continue reading

What Christians and the LDS can do to help survivors

7f0c0-leanonthelordI am so thankful for this blog post What Christians can do to help survivors.  I tweeted quite a few quotes from this post.  I am reposting those tweets here so I can quickly review these topics again in the future. Continue reading