Court Forces Young #WolfertsSisters Back to Allegedly Abusive Father, Tweets

Wolferts sisters court-ordered to return to Kansas with father
Court Forces Young Wolferts Sisters Back to Allegedly Abusive Father

  • , (ages 15 and 16), ran away during visitation with their mother on 07/17/14
  • after reporting abuse by their father #WolfertsSisters remained in hiding until found with their mother on 01/03/16
  • #WolfertsSisters have been held without charges in a #UT juvenile detention center, for more than three months.
  • CPS substantiated their allegations of father Brian’s emotional abuse #WolfertsSisters
  • #WolfertsSisters have been ordered to return to father’s custody against their will 03/23/16
  • Juvenile Court initially decided that the #WolfertsSisters would remain in #UT but Brian filed a requisition order
  • Brian Wolferts filed a requisition order to force the #WolfertsSisters back to his custody in #KS
  • #WolfertsSisters ordered to return to Brian’s custody against their will as of 03/23/16
  • #WolfertsSisters GAL strongly advocated for them to remain in #Utah
  • guardian ad litem strongly advocated for them to remain in
  • Judge Brent Bartholomew ruled they be returned to Brian Wolferts in #Kansas #WolfertsSisters
  • 03/11/16 Judge Bartholomew denied #DCFS request for 30 days to review and  investigate evidence #WolfertsSisters
  • were prepared to testify about abuse and custody preferences, but were prevented by their allegedly abusive father
  • Bartholomew “It is not in the  best interest of the parties’ minor children to testify as to their  custody preference.” #WolfertsSisters
  • Some states now mandate that older children be given the right to testify in custody cases
  • #UT custody law does not entitle children to testify, children over 14 “shall be given added weight #WolfertsSisters
  • Testimony of the children is sometimes the closest thing to evidence that the court can consider. #WolfertsSisters
  • “I think the brave #WolfertsSisters should be heard before the court blindly inflicts more harm.” Barry Goldstein
  • courts “disbelieving abuse reports gave the abusers the access they needed to kill the children.”
  • “judges said they didn’t create reforms in response to the tragedies because they thought the murder was an exception.”
  • “The judge in the case is using the same outdated practices that failed the dead children.”
  • “Past examples show that tragic outcomes far from unfortunate exceptions.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “Returning children to parents they themselves fear and consider abusive has had tragic consequences in many cases.” #WolfertsSisters
  • disturbing Associated Press report found, over 6 years, at least 786 children died while under #CPS supervision
  • #WolfertsSisters demonstrated they would rather go into hiding and spend more than 3 months in a detention facility than live with Brian
  • Advocates & family members would like #WolfertsSisters placed in protective custody immediately & allowed to testify
  • #WolfertsSisters “always striving for nothing more than to ensure that the world would offer them the right to have a semi-normal childhood”
  • “I have been given much reason to utterly give up on this hope.” of a “semi-normal childhood”
  • #WolfertsSisters “After years of helplessly watching them unnecessarily exploited through serious legal injustices, I am terrified.”
  • “I hope that more people will start protecting and offering relief to #WolfertsSisters and other suffering children”
  • Family members fear for the #WolfertsSisters safety when they are subjected to reunification “therapy” (“deprogramming”) to  treat #PAS
  • #Utah Judge Christine Johnson signed Brian’s order, ordering #WolfertsSisters into “The High  Road to Reunification”
  • “The High Road to Reunification” by unlicensed “therapist” #DorcyPruter  Family members fear for #WolfertsSisters
  • children, garnered international headlines after being berated and jailed by Judge
  • #Tsimhoni children underwent program with #Pruter for refusing visitation with allegedly abusive father #Wolferts
  • #Pruter “therapy proved unsuccessful and traumatic” #Tsimhoni #Wolferts
  • In spite of Brian’s social media presence & media interviews, he filed motion to silence #WolfertsSisters advocates
  • As a gag order is not yet in effect, updates will be posted on #WolfertSisters website and under the #LetThemSpeak as long  as possible.
  • “Parental Alienation Syndrome is predicated on the belief that children can be ‘brainwashed’ by one parent to hate an otherwise stand-up parent.
  • American Psychological Assoc. has not accepted #PAS, judges are still using it in custody decisions #WolfertsSisters
  • Critics believe that #PAS claims are frequently made by parents to discredit abuse allegations #WolfertsSisters
  • The National District Attorneys Association advised against giving credence to #PAS claims because of danger to victims of violence & abuse
  • The American Bar Association advised against giving credence to #PAS claims because of the danger they pose to victims of violence and abuse
  • the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges advised against giving credence to #PAS because of the danger to victims of abuse
  • “One conservative estimate suggests courts place 58,000 children in custody of abusers annually.” #WolfertsSisters
  • “#Pruter’s website, she describes her program as ‘NOT THERAPY'” “Family members fear for #WolfertsSisters “
  • “#Pruter credentials,high-school diploma, claim to being a “certified Custody and Reunification Coach.” “therapy proved traumatic” #Tsimhoni
  • “the #Tsimhoni  children were severely distraught when taken to ‘reunification therapy’ “fear for #WolfertsSisters “
  • #Tsimhoni children’s response to father “obvious signs of outward emotional distress, i.e. crying, dry  heaving, balling into the corner etc
  • @HopeLoudon is a national activist & writer presently focusing on children’s rights issues & court licensed abuse

Domestic Violence Abuse and Child Custody, Book

  • 175 homicides occurred when abuse allegations were disbelieved and custody awarded to the alleged abuser. see book

The Strange Advocacy for “Parental Alienation Syndrome” A Perfect Tool for Harming Children #WolfertsSisters

  • The Strange Advocacy for “Parental Alienation Syndrome” A Perfect Tool for Harming Children #WolfertsSisters

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