Tweets: My Dad Who Terrifies Us #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak Part 1


My Dad Who Terrifies Us

  • “My sisters were released from Slate Canyon over two weeks ago and presumably sent back to our dad.” #LetThemSpeak
  • #WolfertsSisters ordered to return to abuser by same judge who failed to see abuse petition in 2014 #LetThemSpeak
  • Judge failed to get us a hearing to discuss our abuse petition in 2014, which caused #WolfertsSisters to run.
  • “This is the man that the judge sent my sisters to without giving them or me a chance to testify about his #abuse”
  • The following list contains things my dad has admitted to or been found by authorities to have done #WolfertsSisters
  • “This list, It’s so long, yet there is so much more that could have been added.” #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • “Wouldn’t it be nice if none of these applied instead ALL of them apply to my dad” #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: “Admitted in a polygraph to ‘history of sexual contact with a child'”.
  • Brian Wolferts: “Admitted in a polygraph to exposing himself to two young girls” #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: Admitted masturbating to thoughts of the older girl (11/12) as the younger girl (6/7)#LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: psychosexual therapist Dr. Ririe said #WolfertsSisters knew how to report abuse. #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: Has never wanted his daughters to speak to any judge. #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: filed multiple times to deny them testifying about his abuse. #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: Was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: Was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: Was diagnosed with Personality Disorder NOS (dependent features). #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: Took Zyprexa in 2003 “mood stabilizer” to suppress sexual addiction #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: After 3 years of therapy with Dr Hyde he recommended psychosexual therapist Dr Roby #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: did 18 months of sexual offender therapy with Dr. Roby (but did not complete it). #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: did not complete it sexual offender therapy with Dr. Roby. #WolfertsSisters #LetThemSpeak
  • Brian Wolferts: lied to the court saying he completed sexual reorientation therapy #LetThemSpeak #WolfertsSisters

Psycology Today; The Strange Advocacy for “Parental Alienation Syndrome” A Perfect Tool for Harming Children

The Strange Advocacy for “Parental Alienation Syndrome” A Perfect Tool for Harming Children

  • #Gorcyca banned #Tsimhoni children from seeing their mother for months, without any evidence against the mother
  • #Tsimhoni story has repeatedly made national news headlines. Judge [jailed] these children for contempt of court
  • #Gorcyca poor ethics, manner, and understanding of the law is being reviewed, thankfully, by #Michigan authorities #Tsimhoni
  • #Gorcyca used “PAS” as the reason she does not need any evidence against the mother in order to deem her abusive.
  • That’s right #Gorcyca has no evidence of the mother’s abuse. That’s why she jailed the children, I suppose #Tsimhoni
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Court Forces Young #WolfertsSisters Back to Allegedly Abusive Father, Tweets

Wolferts sisters court-ordered to return to Kansas with father
Court Forces Young Wolferts Sisters Back to Allegedly Abusive Father

  • , (ages 15 and 16), ran away during visitation with their mother on 07/17/14
  • after reporting abuse by their father #WolfertsSisters remained in hiding until found with their mother on 01/03/16
  • #WolfertsSisters have been held without charges in a #UT juvenile detention center, for more than three months.
  • CPS substantiated their allegations of father Brian’s emotional abuse #WolfertsSisters
  • #WolfertsSisters have been ordered to return to father’s custody against their will 03/23/16
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Save The Wolferts Sisters from KS Tweets

Brian’s Attempts to Silence Them

  • There is an order to return #WolfertsSisters to abuser in KS. Sydney + Dani STILL have not had a chance to be heard
  • Brian was filing motions in attempts to keep #WolfertsSisters from testifying at all
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Family Court Crimes, Tweets Part

Here is a continuation of twitter tweets I have collected on the topic of Family Court Crimes and the Wolferts.

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Family Court Crimes, Tweets Part 1

I guess I am old school.  I use the hootsuite app to bulk schedule tweets.  I just found out people use bots for that! Cool! Maybe some day I will relearn how to tweet with bots!  lol.  I just ran out of the tweets I made and need to start building some more tweets to load up.  This last batch of tweets covered a large range of topics and webpages.  I am going to compile my different tweet phrases here, so that they can easily be found and used in the future.  I really put a lot of effort into it and compiled a lot of different sources.

Well… My arm is warn out from the copy and past motion over and over.  So here are half of the tweets I made last round.  I will hopefully blog part 2 tomorrow.  Yes, I know I almost never get to part 2. But the pattern can change 🙂

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Twitter Impressions Analytics

Just for fun I am going to review my twitter analytics.

We had a great month because we had a great team tweeting and re-tweeting each other.  We were able to get a lot of impressions supporting family court crime awareness and the Wolferts Sisters.

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