Twitter Impressions Analytics

Just for fun I am going to review my twitter analytics.

We had a great month because we had a great team tweeting and re-tweeting each other.  We were able to get a lot of impressions supporting family court crime awareness and the Wolferts Sisters.

Tweet analytics

The impressions really started building up after I compiled and scheduled automated tweets with a wide verity of tweets on the topic of family court crimes and the Wolferts.  But the volume kept building because other great supporters jumped in and tweeted and helped build a lot of volume.

Tweet analytics Wolferts Build up1

Of course automated tweets will never quite compare to twitter storms.  But the most amazing twitter storms are ones associated with an event.  Like when we did the Dr Phil twitter storm to support the Wolferts Sisters.  Because we had built up a good hash tag and a strong team of tweeters we positioned ourselves to attract a lot of the twitter traffic that was produced by the Wolferts  Dr Phil show.  Which is great because every person who saw one of our tweets was able to hear the girls side of the story, which was not being told on the Dr Phil show.  There are two peeks shown below.  One is the pre-show twitter storm, the other is the main twitter storm.

First and Secound Twitter Storm Ever

After the Wolferts we did a two twitter storms for Save Kendall.  In these twitter storms we had many good supporters join, and we got some great numbers.  The first storm was the biggest, when we tried to do a Valentines Day fundraiser for Save Kendall.  We learned something from that adventure.  Twitter is not a good place to fund raise :).  But we sure did a good job spreading the information about Kendall.

Feb 2015 save kendall
Notice both the Wolferts and Kendall’s twitter storms peaked at 40k impressions on a given day, I wonder what it would take to get past 40k?

Tweet analytics

Also notice the peak at 6k this month.  That was during the twitter storm for the Tsimhoni.  It was fun to jump in on their storm and add our support in.  Each supporting cause really does a lot to help each other when they can jump in on big twitter pushes.

Our first twitter storms we did were very structured.  Tsimhoni’s Supporters just asked for people to show support on a given day, a lot less structured.  I think that is my new favorite form of a twitter storm, asking people for support, and not trying to push the supporters to tweet as much as possible.

In our first four twitter storms we tried very hard for trending.  But now I just find I like to take-over or trend on specific Hash Tags.  Riding good hash-tags can really do a lot to increase impressions.  I now consider my tweets a success when we trend in, or take over, the hash tags I want.


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