Best Pin of the Jan 2012

Jan 2012 1st Best Pin Frame

“We Had Abortions . . . . I’ve Had Abortions” — A New Voice in the Abortion Debate

I have read about Post-Abortion Syndrome. Mothers are often told that abortion is the easy way out. But many mothers are now speaking out about the many negative side effects of abortion. This article brought up an important new perspective on abortion, the Fathers are effected negatively by abortion also. This article has great new information on an important topic, that is why I picked it to be the best pin for Jan 2012. Continue reading


Best Pin of Feb 2012

FEb 2012 Best Pin Frame 1st

Beneficial, Edible and Useful Flowers
Um… Yes, I did vote my own pin the best. This is because of all of the pins I have pinned this one got the most repins. And I like it :). But I am sure I am bias. Continue reading

Best Pins for March 2012

March 2012 Best Pin

Projects Like Ravening Wolves
Actually, I think I should vote this post best pin of the Quarter! It is this pin and the best pin of April that inspired me to start a Best Pin of the Month list. I am now encouraged to get ride of lots of false projects in my life. What a fresh and funny way to look at clutter and projects. Continue reading

Great Tree Planting and Care Information has some wonderful Tree Care Posters.  I wanted to be able to find these posters easily and pin them so I am reposting them here on my blog.

Beneficial, Edible and Useful Flowers


List of Flowers sorted by usefulness Continue reading

Unique Berries and Fruits


Wonder Berry Continue reading