Movie Oblivion


I just watched the movie Oblivion last night.  I have seen no better representation of what life is like waking up as an incest survivor.  What it is like waking up to oblivion.

**Plot Spoiler**

The movie Oblivion starts out introducing you to Tom Cruise’s life.  In the world according Jack (Tom Cruise’s character)  he is a hero.  Jack lives with Victoria and together they are helping humanity fight against an alien invasion.  He is helping humanity get water and energy and is defending humanity from alien saboteurs and invasions.  The whole movie turns on its tails after the saboteurs capture Jack.   Jack sees the saboteurs face to face and finds out they are humans, not aliens.  Through a series of events Jack comes to learn that aliens are in control of the Earth.  Aliens are stealing the water from the earth.  Jack has been helping the aliens all this time.   While Jack thought he was helping the human race he was in fact helping the aliens kill the human race.   Suddenly Jacks whole world is turned upside down.  Everything is the opposite of what Jack believed.  Jack tries to show Victoria how their view of the world is wrong, but Victoria refuses to go against the rules and her training, she refuses to do anything that might get her in trouble.  In fear Victoria reports Jack for not following the rules and in that act Victoria looses her only way of escaping.  Victoria is killed because she reports Jack to the aliens.

This complete upside down switch of reality is what life is like waking up as an incest abuse survivor.  Everyone that I trusted and valued were using me.  The world as I knew it was backwards and upside down.  I did not even know my view of the world was backwards or upside down, it was the only reality I had ever been exposed to, it was the only thing I knew.  Upon waking up to oblivion, to the abuse I tried to tell my family members that they were living lie, but my family members could not go against their training and ultimately they betrayed me.

There are many other things that come with this flip of reality.  But for this post my main point is victims of incest live a life so surrounded by lies, they do not even know it is a lie.  When they finally wake up to oblivion or reality it is as if the world is turned upside down and everything changes in meaning over night.  It really gives the survivor of incest a sense of vertigo.


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