So much truth is written here. So much truth. So much like my life.

Re Blogged from Source: INNER DWELLING by Patricia Grace

“The ‘family’ causing the anguish, the same ones who extinguish a child’s light, continue to keep dark the horrors of her childhood throughout her adult life.

In their selfish need to maintain their own innocence, and the pretense of a family not riddled with the sadistic crimes of incest on an innocent little girl, they are completely willing to sacrifice that child’s life, her entire life. Continue reading




Patricia Grace author of SHATTERED nominated me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award.’  Which is so sweet, I am very complimented.   Patricia Grace has been an amazing survivor friend to have, and a ‘very inspiring’ blogger to follow!  She often leaves nice compliments on my blog posts. Who can not love that! I am still smiling about her most recent compliment “Nice piece, thank you. I adore your work.” Continue reading