Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up [Official Music Video]

I dedicate this song to my 2nd daughter, my adopted daughter.

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What did I do today?

what-did-you-do-todayThat feeling when you get down to the end of the day.  You are exhausted.  And you cant remember what you did all day.  Instead all you can see is the to-do’s  you are surrounded by that you did not get to.

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Say I Love you more.

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Primary Success

MMama3My kids all had their parts memorized perfectly and said them clear and understandably at the primary program today. And all but a few understandable wiggles in my youngest, my boy, were well behaved. I am very pleased with them.

Mama Muffin

“How does the internet effect our lives?” on Mormon Mommy Blogs


Hello I recently read this article on 3 Reasons Moms Are Addicted to the Internet. Needless to say I had a million thoughts while I was reading it. Continue reading

Eternal Perspective

Child JewelPresident Ezra Taft Benson said “in the eternal perspective, children—not possessions, not position, not prestige—are our greatest jewels.”

Webkinz Birthday Party ideas #2

webkinz-101. Pup cakes- Instead of Birthday cake, make cup cakes. Decorate each one with a paw print.  (Icing idea. Place Frosting in a zippy bag and cut off one corner. Use this to decorate the cup cakes.)

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