Open Letter to Brian Wolferts by DeAnn Tilton

My name is DeAnn Tilton. I’m a survivor of childhood abuse (emotional, physical and sexual) at the hands of my father. I started a public awareness campaign in Utah, called Talk to a Survivor. Talk to a Survivor supports survivors who feel able to publicly identify as survivors of sexual violence, particularly, childhood sexual abuse, to foster resilience among other survivors and advocate for policy change, including the elimination of statutes of limitation in cases of sexual abuse and assault.

Regarding the Wolferts family: I cannot speak to the legalities of the case. I do have a message for Brian Wolferts.

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People are weird and…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo the other day, I was picking my daughter up from her school.  I arrived early enough to be there before the kids were out.  I drove to the end of the parking row, were few cars were, so I could easily park.   I have a mini van. I pulled as far into a parking spot as I could in order to make sure I was not impeding traffic behind me. After school traffic is always CRAZY. The parking spot seemed small, and I felt like I barely fit. Continue reading

The Perfect Li_e is waiting for you

My husband feels like this song and video greatly represent my distancing myself from my family. I will highlight in the lyrics the parts he likes the best. But it is not just the lyrics that symbolizes my relationships with my family, to him, the video does too. My husband really likes the symbolization in each of the “perfect” trucks. He especially finds the last truck striking. As the truck drives by it says “The perfect life is waiting for you.” But then the f in life falls away to reveal, the words, “the perfect lie is waiting for you.”

The Perfect Lie2
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My Near Death Experience Part 1

IVI think I was in Kindergarten. My two oldest sisters were excited. We got to stay home from school.

We had chicken pox. It all seemed a lot more fun for them. I seemed to have more severe symptoms, “maybe”, everyone thought, “it is because she is the youngest.” Continue reading

Processing My near death experience.

AwakeDuringSurgery_ARTICLESomehow my therapist knew I had experienced a near death experience. When he hinted at it I was upset. I did not want to process any other difficult memories. I felt I had processed a lot. But a few days later, I remembered it. It was not as traumatic as Childhood Sexual Abuse. It was a medical near death experience. Something I could emotionally handle. Continue reading

How to heal after childhood sexual abuse

light-of-godI just read How to heal after childhood sexual abuse by Jodi-Anne

I was not emotionally able to read all of the post. But I skimmed quite a bit and read in detail other parts. These are the parts that stood out to me. Continue reading

My New Blogs

miathriver avatar2Hello all my followers. I have divided my blog posts out to several different blogs based on posting topics. It did not seem right to have a blog post about Homeschooling one day and then the next day have a blog post about being a Survivor of Abuse all on the same blog. Continue reading