Information about the Wolferts Sisters

wolferts sisters

Brittany Wolferts has been blogging about the situation and the abuses that her and her sisters have suffered, you can see a summary of his abuses in the blog post below.

Brian’s Abuse In Summary

During a short stay with their mother in Utah S.W. and D.W. tried to report their father for abuse.  They subpoenaed their dad to appear in court for the girls to have their abuse claims reviewed.  The dad got the hearing thrown out because of a technicality in how they subpoenaed him.  They filed a restraining order on him, which he somehow got removed on a technicality.  The dad then got their court hearing moved back to October.  This meant that the girls had several months until their day in court.  The girls short visitation with their mother was over and they were being required to go live with their father again, while waiting for their day to speak about his abuses in court, after having notified the authorities in Utah of his abuses.  The girls were afraid for their lives because Brian had described a gruesome murder to them.  So the girls ran away rather then be taken back to live with Brian.  After sometime, approximately two months, Michelle received a phone call telling her one of her daughters was in a state of distress because of all that she had suffered because of Brian’s actions.  At this time Michelle felt she needed to be there to support her daughters who were struggling greatly emotionally.  Michelle went into hiding with her daughters that had ran away.  Recently Michelle and S.W. and D.W. were found in hiding in Utah.  Brittany wrote about this in the blog post below.

Found and Silenced

Brittany is afraid because her dad has “started the requisition process” to try to get the girls sent back to Kansas.  Brittany blogs about that here.

His “Possessions”

It looks like Kansas would be considered the “home state,” and could possibly take over control of the girls and the decisions about their future safety.  Which is explained in this news report below at 2:42 mins into the video.

Woman claims sisters held in juvenile detention and considered runaways were victims of abuse

Brian Wolferts and his attorney claim that the girls abuse is “Unsubstantiated” Brittany provides lots of evidence that the abuse is VERY substantiated, and evidence that Brian and his attorney are lying.

“Unsubstantiated” Abuse

The Wolferts Sisters S.W. and D.W. need to be safe from their abuser.  They have been through so much.  Please help spread the word about their situation so that Syd and Dani can be placed with a family member or friend that is safely away from their abuser.

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