I feel like I am standing on the leading edge of the battle line between good and evil.

To me this battle against Abusers, Manipulators, and Corruption looks like the front line of an Epic Battle, like in the Lord of the Rings.

The heroes to the left of me, and the heroes to the right of me, look like everyday people.  But they possess a rare form of bravery, because each of them chose to stand and fight evil where they encounter it.

Stand and Fight

We fight against corruption, manipulation and abuse. Our enemies are monsters, barely human for sure.


But our enemies are the Wormtongues and the Sarumans of the world, they are smooth of speech, they hide themselves in amongst the good people of the earth. They may be monsters on the insides, but they camouflage to look like you and me.


Our war is unique from the battles in the Lord of the Rings, or even traditional wars of the past. The battle lines are blurry and the evil is deeply enmeshed in with the good. There are corrupt government officials and there are good government officials. There are corrupt peace keepers, and there are good peace keepers. There are corrupt business leaders, and there are good business leaders.  There are corrupt clergy and there are good clergy.  There are corrupt teachers and there are good teachers.  There are corrupt neighbors and there are good neighbors. The corrupt people are self interested and take what they want through manipulation and abuse. They have a sleek clean exterior, even as inside they are monsters, they hide their lack of humanity.


Because the battle lines are blurry, it can be hard for many people to know where the battle line is.  Many people can not tell who is fighting against injustice verses who is fighting to get away with being monsters.   The Wormtongues and the Sarumans monopolize on the confusion, often camouflaging as victims themselves.  Through their coy manipulation and sly words they can turn good people against the very people who are fighting against injustice.   They hide in confusion and mimicry.


I can not describe the pain and difficulty that I have been through to stand on this battle front. I can not imagine the pain and difficulty others have suffered to stand and fight injustice on the battle front, where they encounter it. Nothing can ever make what I have suffered ok. Nothing can ever make what others have suffered ok. Even still, now that I have had time to recuperate from my previous battle scars, I would not choose to be anywhere else. I would choose to be here, right here, fighting injustice, on this battle front, were I encounter it, along side other people who bravely stand their ground.  (Yes I totally just used an image of Eowyn to represent me, but also to represent the many other survivors I have fought along side with.)


Our cause is good, our cause is just. We fight evil where we encounter it. We walk away from battles with battle wounds and remorse. But we dress our wounds and return once again, to fight against injustice, corruption, abuse and evil.


2 thoughts on “I feel like I am standing on the leading edge of the battle line between good and evil.

  1. I think one of the key points that you make here is that you can’t safely assume that a person’s “role” automatically means that they are on the right side of the matter when it comes to dealing with abuse.

    If someone is a neighbor or an old friend or a family member or even a cop or a clergyman or a therapist there is no guarantee that based on the person’s “role” that they will automatically do the right thing in addressing the impact of abuse. Or that they will automatically display a desire to engage in supporting victims or disempowering an abuser. (And its sad because in most cases being neutral will actually put people on the abuser’s side involuntarily because of the manipulation factor).

    In fact manipulators and abusers often cultivate and emphasize their “roles” relative to their victims or in society at large and try to use them as leverage to run a power play on others. Its something to be aware of, especially when you hear people (abusers or enablers) emphasizing a “role” as though that role should automatically convey some rights/privileges, or serve as a cover for behavior which would otherwise seem questionable (ie. grooming or controlling behavior).

    if you see something weird and then hear statements like “it’s ok I’m the Grandma” or “don’t worry, he is the Dad” then its probably NOT ok and you probably SHOULD worry.

    A good Dad/Mom or Uncle/Aunt or Brother/Sister or Grandpa/Grandma or even Boyfriend/Girlfriend doesn’t need it to be said what role they are in for you to know that they have healthy relationships and/or are involved on the right and caring side of things. You can tell who the real good guys are by their actions even without any labels. Actions always speak louder than words, and so if you see people using their “role” as a crutch, then be warned. Things might not be as they seem.

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