Why Your Opinion Matters, in Cases like the Wolferts Sisters, Part 1

I survived Childhood Sexual Abuse at the hands of my Pedophile Father.  I survived my fathers acts of Parental Alienation.  Even as I was scared of him at night, like I would be scared of a pack of wolves attacking me. Even then.  I stood with my sisters and told my mother that if she divorced my father, I would accuse her of being an abuser and ask to live with my dad.  Why did I do this?  Because I did not want to be “crazy” and mocked by father and the supporters he had co-opted, whom I trusted.

That is my background, that is the roll I play in cases like the Wolferts Sisters.  I care about this issue, I have direct knowledge about this issue.  I need to try to fight against these things happening to other children.


There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.  The Talmud tells us by saving a single human being, man can save the world ~ Elie Wiesel (survivor of Aschwitz)

When we fail to protest injustice, we loose some of our human dignity.  When we fail to protest injustice, we follow a social standard of ignoring injustice, thus we are part of the reason it is allowed to happen.  This is one of the places where you and your opinion come into the equation, your opinions and actions matter.

Deondra BrownI was terrified of reporting my father to the state, because of all the brain washing he had run me through, for my entire life.  My trigger word was “crazy” I deeply feared that any act I did to tell the truth would have me branded as crazy.  (When victims consider reporting they care a lot about public opinion.)  One day as I fought the constant battle to be strong enough to report my father… In a moment of inspiration, I emailed Deondra Brown of the Five Browns, an inspiring activists and survivor of father daughter sexual abuse.  To  my great delight Deondra Brown not only replied, but she wanted to meet with me.  She also wanted to network at a convention against Childhood Abuse, to help find a safe way for me to report my father.

Assistant Attorney General Kristine Knowlton. Courtesy image

Imagine my delight, surprise, and maybe even fear when she responded to me with the direct phone number to the Assistant Attorney General Kristine Knowlton.  I later came to know that Kristine Knowlton is considered the leading expert in Utah on Childhood Sexual Abuse.  With great fear I called Kristine Knowlton. She was very friendly and invited me to come meet with her that day.  My husband and I brought in my typed up statement about the abuse. Kristine asked me questions about my case, she often knew what I would say before I even responded.  Because these Childhood abuse cases follow very distinct patterns.

After reading over my written statement Kristine hand picked which investigator she felt would be best for my case.   I received a call from the investigator asking me to come in and give my deposition about my fathers abuses on video recording.

My case was investigated by a Special Agent, he specializes in internet crimes against children.  He was very respectful and considerate of me.  While it was difficult to review my abuse experiences, he was courteous and helped make it as easy as possible.

I was listened to by Deondra Brown and the Attorney Generals Office.  They saw the validity of my case.  This helped me a lot in my healing.  Even though I was not able to protect others, by getting my dad off the streets.  Because the statute of limitations got in the way of  the “most documented” case my investigator had seen.  The process was still healing.

Here is another place where public opinion, and the opinions of people surrounding the survivor count.  If you can listen, and see the validity in the persons abuse claims, then you do a lot to help them heal.  Listening and believing can go a long way to helping the survivor be strong enough to report the problem.

The more I interacted with this process of reporting my father the more I learned about it. This is the part where I will start blogging more about why your opinion matters, about why your neighbors opinion matters, about why public opinion matters, and how much it matters in convicting criminals of Sex Crimes.  Please tune in next time for my blog post Why Your Opinion Matters, in Cases like the Wolferts Sisters, Part 2




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