People are weird and…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo the other day, I was picking my daughter up from her school.  I arrived early enough to be there before the kids were out.  I drove to the end of the parking row, were few cars were, so I could easily park.   I have a mini van. I pulled as far into a parking spot as I could in order to make sure I was not impeding traffic behind me. After school traffic is always CRAZY. The parking spot seemed small, and I felt like I barely fit.

Shortly after parking I look up at the more expensive car in front of me. The lady gets out of her car. Comes to the back of her car. Looks at the distance between my car and hers. She then gets back into her car and pulls forward a few more inches. When she gets out again, to go get her children, she looks annoyed at me for parking with my bumper close to her bumper.

My first thought, unfortunately, was “What? Does my cheep van have cooties or something? Not good enough to be near your expensive car?”

I then watched her when she came back with her kids to see if maybe she needed to put her kids bags in the hatch back or something like that, which would make her actions logical. When that did not happen, I was back to the cootie thought.

Next I remembered this from Patricia Grace’s Post “People are weird, and have their own stuff.” What a great statement. I find my brain remembering it from time to time when I encounter similar situations.


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