Processing My near death experience.

AwakeDuringSurgery_ARTICLESomehow my therapist knew I had experienced a near death experience. When he hinted at it I was upset. I did not want to process any other difficult memories. I felt I had processed a lot. But a few days later, I remembered it. It was not as traumatic as Childhood Sexual Abuse. It was a medical near death experience. Something I could emotionally handle.

I just read How to heal after childhood sexual abuse which was recommended to me by Patricia Grace I blogged about it here.

This quote inspired me to write about my near death experience, that I processed partially in therapy yesterday.

Because these events were so painful and confusing it is automatic to push the memories and feelings away when they surface, but suppressing them does not help. It just keeps them locked inside the body and the person numbed out from feeling fully.

But this is not how I want to start the story of my near death experience. So I will post this as it is and write a new post about it. I guess I could write more about processing the experience.

My therapist seemed to find many correlations between my emotional struggles and my near death experience. He talked about how each different trauma has a compounding effect on the others. He seemed to think it was very serious, and significant, that I experienced both a Near Death Experience and the trauma of repeated Childhood Sexual Abuse.

I am somewhat emotionally disconnected from it all. But the significance of it all made sense to me as he explained it.

Here are my other posts about my Near Death Experience
My Near Death Experience Part 1


4 thoughts on “Processing My near death experience.

  1. I read this coming from the original blog, and am fully listening. So much trauma. You make me wonder about fifth grade when I broke my arm and spent 5 days in intensive care. I aspirated during general anesthesia and they almost lost me.


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