Kawaii Narwhal Paisleys – Adult Coloring Page For Sale on Etsy

Kawaii Narwhal Paisleys Display smKawaii Narwhal Paisleys, Adult Coloring Page – The simple happiness of a Kawaii style drawing… The nostalgia of the Narwhal whale, the unicorn of the sea… The pleasing repetitive paisley shapes… A fun and unique combination! Happy little faces, care free life of the narwhal swimming, soothing curves of the paisleys, this piece has lots to offer. Sure to bring joy, happiness, the feeling of freedom, and be calming and soothing. Enjoy! How will you color these fun little narwhals?

Buy-Now-Etsy-300x194 longKawaii Narwhal Paisleys watermarkA Little Story Behind the Coloring Page:

So I am looking up Kawaii style images on the internet for inspiration. I have always enjoyed the simple joyous attributes of kawaii style drawings. I wanted to try my hand at a kawaii image. My husband is working at home on his computer, next to me. From time to time I show him cute or funny images I come across.

I giggle. He says “what is it?”

I say “look how cute. Someone drew a kawaii picture of a whale with a unicorn horn. Isn’t it cute?”

He says “that is cute, and it is real.” I don’t respond, because I don’t quite get what his meaning. “Whales with unicorn horns. They really exist.”

I say “no they don’t, do they?”

He says “yes, they are called narwhals, look it up.”

I open a new tab and search for narwhal. “There they are, it is real, whales with unicorn horns, how crazy is that!!”

My five year old son runs in the room. “Oh look, a narwhal.”

I ask him “you know what a narwhal is?”

He says “yes” in a tone that sounds like ‘of course, who doesn’t!’

I ask my husband “I wonder why they have horns.”

My husband says he does not know. He then starts guessing about the reasons. While he is saying his best guesses my five year old son is talking fast and trying to get our attention. I decide to pay more attention to my sons fast excited words, then my husbands guesses. I realize my son has the answer.

“Listen” I say to my husband. “Your son knows why.”

“The horns are to chip through the ice so they can breath!” My five year old son declares with excitement, and still a hint of ‘of course I know this, who doesn’t’.

We giggle and enjoy the moment when our five year old son knew more then us.

My husband pulls up a wiki on narwhal’s. He starts reading to me interesting facts about narwhals. Like for instance did you know their horn is really their left tooth. And… Did you know the narwhal is related to the beluga whale.

“Look at that image” my husband says. “Only one of them has a horn, I wonder if only the males have horns.”

Still jumping and fidgeting with excitement our five year old answers “They do Papa. Only the males have horns.”

Again we giggle, smile at each other and enjoy the moment. Our five year old bounds out, on to his next adventure.

While my husband continues to read out loud about narwhals, I pull up more kawaii images of narwhals. It did not take me long before I was hooked, I knew my next piece would be of kawaii narwhals, they are so fun. “And… By the way…” I point out to my husband, “they are paisley shaped.” (he normally likes my paisley drawings a lot)

I hope you enjoyed my little story about the planning of this Kawaii Narwhal Paisleys adult coloring page. I hope you enjoy coloring this fun image of narwhals even more!

Buy-Now-Etsy-300x194 long
Kawaii Narwhal Paisleys colored by my daughter 3 smThe above image was colored by my daughter.
Specifics about the Coloring Page:

This piece is hand drawn, and then scanned in at high resolution.

You get this image in two instantly downloadable files, High Resolution JPEG (7900 X 5600 Pixels), and PDF (8 x 11 inch standard print size).

Watermark does not appear on the downloads.

The images contained in these downloads are for personal use only. You may not distribute, share or copy any of the images without written consent.

Break out your pencils, crayons, markers, gel pens, water colors, ink, faber castell, and enjoy coloring the relaxing and pleasing details in Kawaii Narwhal Paisleys

Information about me, Jeanine A Thriver

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