Slice of Life, Adult Coloring Page for sale on Etsy

Slice of Life display sm smBuy-Now-Etsy-300x194Slice of Life, Adult Coloring Page – Repeating, overlapping circles of many types of fruits. This fruity piece reminds you of the wonderful things in life.  Little slices of life to savor and enjoy.  How are you going to color your Slice of Life?

Slice of Life Labeled 2 sm

List of items drawn in this piece.Buy-Now-Etsy-300x194
1. Citrus Slice (Lime)
2. Pineapple Slice
3. Squash Sliced Open
4. Citrus Slice (Lemon)
5. Watermelon Slice
6. Strawberry Sliced Open
7. Orange Whole
8. Cherry Whole
9. Kiwi Whole
10. Blueberry Whole
11. Apple Slice
12. Tomato Whole
13. Squash Whole
14. Tomato Slice
14. Apple Whole
16. Pomegranate Pealed
17. Citrus Slice (Grapefruit)
18. Strawberry Whole
19. Banana Slice
20. Cantaloupe Whole
21. Citrus Slice (Orange)
22. Watermelon Whole
23. Raspberry Whole

Slice of Life Watermark sm smBuy-Now-Etsy-300x194This piece is hand drawn, and then scanned in at high resolution.

You get this image in two instantly downloadable files, High Resolution JPEG (9500 X 7000 Pixels), and PDF (8 x 11 inch standard print size).

Break out your pencils, crayons, markers, gel pens, water colors, ink, faber castell, and enjoy coloring the relaxing and pleasing details in Slice of Life.

Watermark does not appear on the downloads.

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The images contained in these downloads are for personal use only. You may not distribute, share or copy any of the images without written consent.


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