God’s Refining Process??

Gods Refining Process? Artwork by Jeanine A Thriver
Gods Refining Process? Artwork by Jeanine A Thriver

This is God’s Refining Process… That is what they love to say.

If this is Gods Refining Process then it is a bit like standing too close to the sun and hoping you refine before you burn up. Follow that up with tears (blue water drops), pain (red spikes) and confusion (purple squiggles), and you have a bit of an idea of what it is like.

No, I would rather feel these are the consequences of a pedophiles horrid acts combined with their great ability to lie and deceive. I can not equate God at all with the horrible things pedophiles do, and the horrible side effects.

The fact that I will or may refine in the end is not the silver lining or the saving grace, or compensation of any kind, to suggest such things seems to be a mockery of God. My healing, strength and refining has NOTHING to do with the pedophiles acts. If I manage to be one of the lucky ones who heals and moves to a better place in life, that will be because of my strength and determination, combined with Gods good graces. If anything can be attributed to this it is Gods good graces for any thing good in my life in spite of that pedophile. Surely not the chaos its self.

With the silly things people say at church in reply to sexual abuse is it no wonder so many people are agnostic towards God?


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