Artist Loft Watercolor Dual Tip Markers

Uniquely WonderfulMy husband gave me these fun water color markers as a gift. What a fun gift it is!  Coloring with water color markers is a little like making your own paint by numbers coloring pages.  I can not find the exact markers I own online. I have the basic 12 marker set, I miss the color purple and wonder why there are two yellows and two reds that are not much different.  When I order my next set of markers I think I will order these LETRASET Pastel Tones Pro Marker.  I use a water brush similar to this Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush.  The markers and water brush combined make a well contained enjoyable watercolor experience.  Though this is rather more like using markers that can be faded and shaded, that is the main advantage of the water color markers.

My first water color piece is The Long and Winding Road.  My husband sees letters and an intestine in the winding road, I see a standing person.
The Long and Winding Road
This piece is called Uniquely Wonderful. Doing this type of water color work takes more skill, it is less relaxing to create but more enjoyable when done. Uniquely Wonderful
Sightings at the Pond was started at a pond when I was out with my kids.  I added to the piece later with different things I have seen in local ponds.  Included in the picture is a koi fish, there is a pond here close by that has koi living in it that have been released to the wild.  It was fun to experiment with drawing see-through water on this piece.Pond Sightings
I really like doing expressive style art, because it is more about my enjoyment and expression then skill. I do not start out with much trained skill, and I am comfortable focusing on expression and enjoyment, but in time I believe my skill is improving. I once read a article that said first year art students are encouraged to doodle because it increases hand eye coordination. I do feel that my doodling has had that effect.


2 thoughts on “Artist Loft Watercolor Dual Tip Markers

    • I like the set too! I only bought the 12 marker set when I saw it at the store. Later I went back to try to get the bigger set, but it was sold out of the Michaels store. I wish I knew where to even buy more, let alone some pastel color versions. I think I will have to try a different brand to get pastels.


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