Delicious Gelly Roll Pens

Stickers and LaceI got some Gelly Roll pens back in the middle of Feb.  I was delighted with the pens so smooth and colorful, I loved the feel of making curvy lines with them, and the paint-like little dots. In this “Pen Test Image” I am using every color of my new Gelly rolls and my new Pitt Artist  Faber-Castell markers, the pastel set.

Pen test doodle2

The the Gelly Roll pens I got were the moonlight set so they had a metallic finish. I enjoyed the great color and fine detail they made all while having a delightful smoothness. But I was disappointed the color and detail did not scan in well with my next piece “A Me Ba”. It seems the metallic finish in the moonlight set cause them to reflect the scanners light and wash out.

A Me Ba 2Next I got the Souffle Gelly Roll set.  This was pastel in color and non metallic.  About this time I stopped trying to scan in the Gelly Roll artworks, fearing they wold all turn out washed out.  It was not until later that I realized the Souffle Gelly Rolls might not wash out because they were non metallic.  I finally scanned in this piece “Stickers and Lace” today, the scanner seems to be picking up all the color and detail. The piece is rather subdued in its coloring originally.  It could be that I used mostly to all souffle pens on this one, I do not remember.  There is a white lacing all around the background layered over some pastel Pitt Artist marker lines, this lacing was originally white.

Stickers and LaceIn my next piece “Tangerine ZenTangle” I experimented specifically with all the pens to see if the metallic moonlight and the pastel souffle would scan in differently.  You can see that there is some clear color loss where the Moonlight Gelly Roll lines turn a washed out white.  The Souffle Gelly Roll lines of orange and purple in the piece scanned in correctly.  After this I stopped playing with the delicious Gelly Roll pens… But really.. I am not sure why?  Maybe I should give the metallic moonlight pens to my girls, much to their delight, and order myself some more non-metallic colors.  I can hear those Gelly Rolls calling my name again.

Tangerine ZenTangle


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