I stopped doodling for a while, like I stopped blogging. I felt too trapped inside, too invalid really. I decided it was time I started doodling again and drew this. It was very relaxing for me.


6 thoughts on “Energy

    • Thank you soooo much!! It is good to hear that again. I have been feeling so very non amazing for a long time. Based on my most recent social run in, I can see how my community is not really ready to accept me how I am. And I am not really feeling strong enough to stand up to that. I use to feel so confident and felt I had an important role in being myself so that my community could learn to accept me, and people like me. Now. Having felt the social slap of it recently, I am not sure I want the fuss, I am not sure I am strong enough. I have been soaking back up the energy my blog has to offer as an outlet to the world. Thank you for replying and adding to that energy! I can feel my strength starting to come back to me, in some ways faster then I expected.


      • Oh, that’s so good to hear!
        Most people don’t want to be bogged down with the seriousness of survival, which life is for me. After all, everyone is faced with daily struggles, no one escapes them so they go about their days with other things on their minds, probably not you, nor me.
        But I, and those also attacked as children then hushed up to bear such unbearable burdens in their tiny selves, still struggle in ways most others cannot even imagine; even after telling them every detail.
        It is only another child now grown woman, who suffered as I have suffered, who really knows, KNOWS, and understands. I have been thinking a lot lately about a friend I lost two years ago to cancer, missing her so much. We related on a level like no other. Unfortunately she was attacked as a child and even in her late sixties still struggled with issues of PTSD and other things, especially trust issues. We loved and respected each other. I can’t say that about too many other relationships.
        So my point is, others just don’t get it, and can be very insensitive, hurtful and plain ignorant, more concerned really about themselves and their daily lives. And I try to be a friend to those others who I relate to on a more surface level. But it’s just not the same.
        I don’t know why my friend came into my life so late and I had her such a short time. But at least I know what a true friend is. Maybe before then I just wasn’t ready.

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      • That makes so much sense. I appreciate your perspective. You are the good friend of the internet! Anyone who is on your blog reading/ replying list is fortunate You give to others what you want most, true friendship. It was fun catching you on here and having a comment conversation. Have a good day! I look forward to the next time we can send each other replies!

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