The religious community literally interprets victims and offenders backwards.

old churchThere is a theoretical possibility that there is a statistical anomaly out there where some adult pedophile sometime has actually healed and turned away from their pedophile addiction. It is theoretically possible, but it is such a statistical anomaly to make it extremely unlikely. If at any time some adult has actually accomplished this they would be battling an addiction. Because that is what pedophilia is, an addiction. It is not something that just turns off or goes away. Like all addictions there is always a need to fight against it, that reduces the longer the addiction is resisted.

Unfortunately pedophiles, being overconfident and overly boisterous, have had much too great an influence on the way the religious community sees things. Christian religious communities of all types love to talk about the possibility of the theoretical anomaly. They loose sight of perspective on this subject. Christians spend much too much time talking about how the worst of sinners could be transformed by the atonement and much too little time talking about how common minor sinners are, how we are all minor sinners.  How we have very little cause to judge another minor sinner as less then us.  They are way too busy throwing arms of support around pedophiles that claim to have changed and much too busy shunning and judging the many many innumerable victims of said pedophiles. Very little compassion or discussion is spent talking about the very real, and statistically high fact that victims can turn away from their self defeating ways and turn towards good habits.

Make no mistake about it, pedophiles are winning the social war on this one. They have dominated the conversation, gotten themselves positioned in the place of forgive and forget, and keep their victims positioned in the place of shun, distrust, and judge. Yes, it is theoretically possible an adult pedophile could reform, but it is such a statistical anomaly. The religious community is opening their arms to pedo’s and making many nice little places for them to take advantage of the benefit of the doubt while shunning and judging victims in droves. All of this reality is created by the over confident pedophiles because it helps and enables them to victimize more. Those are the ugly facts.

The principle “everyone can heal, even the worst of sinners” is more correctly applied to the victims. Because it is the victims that are left feeling the lowest of humans. It is the victims that are left feeling of no value. It is the victims that are left with no faith in their abilities to be valuable, good, loved. The endless love that Jesus offers is meant for them, for their endless immeasurable suffering. When the scriptures say everyone can heal it is because they are trying to convince the people who have lost faith in themselves, the down trodden and oppressed. Those verses are not meant for the haughty and vain pedophiles. No there are plenty of other verses meant for them. “If person should harm the least of the children of God it is better for them to have a stone around their neck and drowned.” That is the language the scriptures uses when addressing the vain and haughty people. The accepting and loving words of everyone can heal is meant for the victims, downtrodden and oppressed. The religious community literally interprets these things backwards. More good would be done if the religious community were to transfer their suspicion of victims to the offenders and their all acceptance to the victims, as it is meant to be.

Thanks for reading. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic, as long as you are nice :).


10 thoughts on “The religious community literally interprets victims and offenders backwards.

  1. Religions glorify males and protect their own, the males that is.
    Pedophile is a word to justify abuse by saying it’s a sickness. I believe most abusers aren’t sociopaths which is how I look at a pedophile; they are our brothers, fathers, uncles and family friends. They do it because they can and are pigs and can get away with it. They choose to satisfy their evil lust by attacking a child who they are charged to love and protect but instead destroy, or try to. They get away with it because as a society we still protect men and blame women.


    • The Male element you state here makes sense.
      I do believe there are different levels of offenders. Pigs who can get away with is a fitting description.
      We do still do a lot of victim blaming as a society.


      • I closed completely off for a while. Truth be told I have been fighting it off since confronting my dad, but I was limping along. My absence from bloggersphere was triggered by being openly shunned and judged socially by some ladies who I had some very close association with. I am just now getting my feet back under me, and still a bit tender, so that is why I said, “be nice”. I unfortunately have had a few too many run ins with people who are not nice…
        Now, I can not imagine you being either blunt or offensive. You are so considerate and thoughtful!
        When I was so tender I did get weary of people trying to tell me how to solve my problems in ways that did not work. So I was sensitive to things like that for a while, from any person or direction. But, I catch myself doing the same thing all the time, when I mean well and care.


      • That’s the thing I like very much about my blog. I have control. If a comment is not in line with the focus of the post or blog, even by well meaning visitors, I can edit it a bit, or not use it at all. I can comment back too without having to post it.
        It is good to hear from you again. I am sorry you have run into some hurtful people.

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  2. I think a large part of the reason religious people shun victims and protect abusers is because they want to protect the institution. They don’t want anyone able to say they have a pedophile (or more) among their numbers. They don’t want anyone able to say there are violent abusers among their numbers. So they keep the victims silent, and they jump onto the abuser’s lies readily in order to save face for their church. They want to protect the institution above all else. I think that it’s also a product of human nature to protect those organizations we have thrown all of our support into for our entire lives. Those organizations rely on this and keep the members really busy and dedicated to protecting the institution above all else. With male pedophiles, we have two institutions ready and willing to protect them: patriarchy and religion. UGH.

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  3. What you say about protecting the institution makes a lot of sense. I also think people try to protect themselves by denying, it is easier to believe the lies of the abuser that looks falsely perfect then to face the brutal realities of his abuses!


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