stop pornMankind has always struggled with base and evil tendencies.  The abuse and evils of our day are not unique to our day, but the level of evil is unique.  Recorded media of music, video, images and easy sharing of these things has greatly increased the presence of salacious and sexual content.

But media is not all bad for sure.  As media has spread and become more accessible through the internet knowledge, truth, understanding has increased in leaps and bounds.  We struggle today not only with a vast quantity of knowledge and truth but also with a vast quantity of media that is humanly degrading.

Never before in history has there be anything like the pornography industry.  The sexual slavery industry is not new it is as old as mankind.  But never before in history has sexual slavery and human exploitation been so prevalent as today.

The pornography industry is especially evil because it combines sexuality with violence.  It is this coupling of violence and sexuality is the most pervasive and destructive problem of our time, it is the most urgent problem in our world.

Pornography lures its victims in with mild forms of media depicting violence and sexuality.   The pornography is addictive, the addict exposes themselves to ever increasing intensities of sexuality and violence.

Pornography is the training ground of the Sadomasochists.  Each new victim of pornography is chasing an addiction that will lead them to seeking after ever more violent and sexualized media forms.

In truth at some point the word victim does not apply, because pornography addictions require the person to choose to partake and seek it out.  Pornography of our time is analogous to the Colosseum of Rome, blood sport and violence is promoted and spread for  profit, while the addicts are feed increasing levels of violence.

Sadomasochists are the zombies of our time, they are the death eaters.  Human beings so addicted and desensitised that they actively seek out and pursue violent sexual images and realities.


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