My Mothers Words

Mothers words

These words stick with me…

“You are the one who has experienced the most pain over his actions.  My soul is full of tumult over the extended sorrow within your life.”

I want these words to really mean what they say.  I want them to be real.  I want to risk everything…. Even another possible suicidal spell…. To find out if she really means what is written in her letter….


One thought on “My Mothers Words

  1. I believe she means every word and loves you very much. Somehow she has compartmentalized the truth about her husband and her love for you. Maybe you will find a way to forgive her for that and still have a relationship with her while also finding a way to protect yourself from him. If she was able to leave him she would have a long time ago.
    I am sorry for this pain, so deep, and the aloneness it can seem to bring.

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