My initial reply to my Mothers letter

card-from-my-momRight after reading my mothers letter I write this up in my art journal.  I am typing it up here unedited.

If these things you say were true then my visit with my Dad’s stake president would have gone differently.  He would have taken my statements seriously enough to have spoken with the state’s investigator in the attorney general’s office.  He would have taken my statements seriously enough to have contacted my Therapist.  If these things you claim are correct he would have not repeated your condescending words to me.  If the things you claim were correct then the Stake President would have even remotely resembled the person who lacked being influenced by dad as the sisters told me you said.  If that was even remotely true then the stake president would not have been the former bishop who already read family letters about this issue.  Your description of him was completely false.  I did nothing to stop you from testifying in my support.  You could have told any or all you had to say to your Stake President.  If you have anything to support me nothing stopped you from expressing it to him.

If this was true I would have met with a man who was not corrupted by dad.  That man did not respond to my witness as a person would if they were open.  If you were supportive I would not have been stabbed in the back at the last min by my sisters while they claimed to be supportive.  If anything coming from my birth family were even remotely true C would not have taken a photo with the pedophile that sexually abused her, me, all of her sisters and her daughter and maybe even (info removed).  If any of what you say is true then you could not be in the same house as that pedophile who raped me repeatedly.  You would be disgusted.  Clearly you are all still influenced and corrupted by that disquesting pedophile who brutally raped me repeatedly.  I can not.  I will not trust anyone who is in contact with that vile creature.  My repulsion to you and the whole family is my repulsion to the beast that brutally raped me repeatedly.  My repulsion is for that twisted person who lies, deceives, twists truth, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually abuses you, J, L, C, Me, N, S, and possibly (info removed).  I am repulsed by the influence he has on all of you.


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