The TRUTH about people who do not Vaccinate

Not Vaccinated No KissesPeople who do not vaccinate take the decision very seriously.  They read about each different vaccine.  They know the effectiveness of each vaccine.  The know what each vaccine targets.  They know about the disease each vaccine targets.  They know the symptoms of each disease the vaccine targets.  They know the treatments of each disease the vaccine targets.  They make a personal choice to respond to the disease with intelligence that comes from knowledge.  Each disease they choose not to vaccinate for they choose to respond to it with intelligence and knowledge instead of a vaccine.

When an unvaccinated person gets a sickness, for which a vaccine is available, they know the symptoms of the sickness.  Because of their knowledge they are quick to respond.  They are normally early responders, responding to the symptoms so early that often even doctors do not recognize the sickness at its more milder beginning phase.    When an unvaccinated person gets sick they have a significant respect for the sickness.  Unvaccinated people are quicker to quarantine themselves for symptoms of sickness.  Unvaccinated people are quicker to recognize the sickness.  Unvaccinated people are quicker to respond to the sickness.  Because of their knowledge about the sickness proper treatment, proper care, proper response, proper social health considerations are significantly more likely to be taken care of.

People who do not vaccinate respect the sickness, know about the sickness, and respond quickly and effectively with their knowledge.  Because of the knowledge of the unvaccinated person people around them are actually more safe.  Because of the respect of the sickness of the unvaccinated person, people around them are actually more safe.

The truth about most people who do vaccinate.

Most people who do vaccinate do not know what diseases the various vaccinations cover.  Most people who do vaccinate do not know the effectiveness ratings of the vaccines they are taking.  Most people who vaccinate do not even consider the fact that the known effectiveness ratings of the vaccine means they have a measurable potential to still get the sickness.  Most people who do vaccinate do not know the symptoms of the sickness they are vaccinating for.  Most people who do vaccinate would not know if they were displaying symptoms of a sickness they were vaccinated for.  Most people who do vaccinate do not believe they can get sick with the sickness they vaccinate for.  Most people who do vaccinate go into a state of denial if they start to show the symptoms of the sickness they vaccinate for, they do not believe they have the sickness, because they vaccinated, so they do not respond effectively to the sickness.  Most people who do vaccinate rely on the vaccine as their only response to the disease they vaccinate for, so they do not take other precautions when the symptoms of the sickness start to show.

The truth is all vaccines have an effectiveness rating.  The truth is most people who vaccinate do have a potential to get the sickness they have vaccinated for.  The percentage of the potential for infection varies based on the effectiveness rating of each vaccine.

The truth is many people who vaccinate get caught up in the fear mongering that vaccine companies play on the public.  They fear people who do not vaccinate because they have the potential to get sick.  Yet they are not educated enough about the vaccines to realize that they too have the potential to get sick.  If you think about it.  If vaccines were 100% effective then why would vaccinated people be afraid of non vaccinated people?  If the vaccines were 100% effective then non vaccinated people would not have the ability to effect the vaccinated peoples health.  Really the fear mongering is illogical.  Everyone has the potential to get sick, even those who have been vaccinated.  Vaccines are not effective enough to persuade the vaccinating public of fears of the disease because vaccines are not 100% effective.  The fear mongering tactics of the vaccine companies are honestly illogical if you take them apart.

I will give you my personal example story of all of these points I have made.  In truth there are many other stories like mine.  In truth I have come to find my story very much fits within a social trend.

I do not vaccinate my children for specific sickness, as you might have guessed from the things I have written above.

Whooping cough started going through the schools in our city.  Whooping cough scare came with it.  At school fliers were passed around about whooping cough.  These same fliers were passed around church.  The fliers educated the public about whooping cough symptoms, educated the public on proper response to the symptoms and suggested that unvaccinated people get vaccinated.   I measured the public’s response to these fliers, along with hyped news coverage.  People felt fear and animosity towards all the people around them who were not vaccinated like them.  People did not look at the fliers or consider seriously the symptoms of the sickness or proper response to the sickness.  Instead people took on an ambivalence, I do not need to be concerned about this, I am vaccinated, but I am upset at anyone else who is not vaccinated like me.  A flyer was not given to me directly but I made a point to get a flyer and read over the flyer in detail.  After reading over the flyer I went to my local news to get more information about the spread of whooping cough.  Then I went to the internet to get more information about the symptoms and proper responses.

Some time went by,  I heard stories about some schools that were hit hard, but the schools in our area was only hit mildly.  Concerns about whooping cough started to dissipate in my neighborhood.  Then it started to happen.  I noticed it, but no one else seemed to.  I was sitting in church, whoop whoop, the cough I knew how to recognize came from the back side of the church building.  I turned around to see if my kids played with anyone in that area, they did not.  When I came home just to be safe I started my kids on the herbal alternative regiments.  From then whooping at church became a standard,  I stopped turning to see who had it, who was whooping, and where it was coming from.  I had just come to accept the fact that multiple people were coming to church with whooping cough, and those people did not seem to realize they had it.

Then I heard the whoop in my home.  Whoop, whoop, whoop…. Oh no, I thought, we have finally got it.  I ran to the room of the source of the whoop and there was my daughters friend, a young girl from church, who vaccinates, whooping all over my bedroom and my children.  So I questioned her a bit.  Are you sick? “No not really I just have this persistent cough that will not go away.”  Have you had any treatment or seen any doctors about the cough?  “No.”  Did you go to school today? ” No.”  But your mom let you go play with friends? “Yes, because I am not really sick, I just have this annoying cough.”

Honestly I was slow to respond.  I went into another room and paced.  I was flabbergasted.  With all the news and noise about whooping cough, with her cough being so obviously a whoop, how was it possible that here family was not aware she had whooping cough and was spreading it around?  How should I respond, what should I do.  I paced for a while, but each whoop that persisted out of my kids room agitated me more.  Finally I had worked through the initial shock.  I went back to my kids and told them play time was over.  They were noticeably disappointed, they had only played for a little while.  The whooping friend went home to her house down the street.  I sent my kids to wash hands and faces and play outside, while I went inside and cleaned up.  But once you start the cleaning up you can start to feel a need to bleach every surface in your home.  So rather then becoming hyper-vigilant I avoided doing much more.

For two or three days we avoided doing much or going places, even though the kids wanted to go play with friends.  We waited for the inevitable sickness to take hold.  My best friend called, she wanted to get the kids together.  I told her we were exposed to whooping cough rather severely, but it had been about three days and I did not see symptoms, but maybe we should not come play just to be safe.  My friend said she was hearing whooping all around her, by vaccinated people too, she said that she most likely has been exposed too.  We decided to get together to play anyways.  A decision both of us came to regret later.

A few days later my girls came down with a sickness.  We had already quarantined (except for one visit to our friends) just because we were exposed.  We continued the quarantine, it came on as a simple sickness, not a big deal, I hoped we would be getting out light.  Then a few days later my friend came down with the same seemingly mild sickness.  As the sickness progressed it got worse and worse, then came the whoops, mild at first.  I increased the treatments I was giving my kids in hopes they would quail their symptoms, but they were not very effective against this more harsh sickness, and the whoops got worse.  I decided to take my children in to see the doctors.

When I made the appointment I told them we were coming in for possible whooping cough so they could be aware.  As soon as we got in the waiting room I put masks on all of my children.  I would not let my younger children play with the community toys there.  We were treated with apprehension by the staff, which is understandable to some extent, they did not want to get it too, but clearly we were taking all available precautions to be careful.

We were quickly given an exam room.  I fussed with four small children and tried to get them to keep their masks on, even when we were alone in the exam room.  Eventually the futility of that became evident, so I settled with trying to keep the masks on while the staff was in the room.  When the nurse or the doctor came in I wrestled with kids trying to keep masks on.  The staff continued to be apprehensive towards us, and did not seem to respect the fact that I was doing all in my power.  We were examined, yep whooping cough for sure, which of course I did not need them to tell me that, I already knew.

Then came the vaccine questions.  The doctor recommended I vaccinate all my children immediately.  This made no sense.  Why would I take my already sick children and give them something more to fight off?  They were already exposed to whooping cough, what benefit would the vaccine even hope to have.  He used his official knowledge to talk in circles and try to justify the totally illogical.  Thankfully I was strong enough to not succumb.  The ambivalence of the staff went from just under the surface to outwardly rude.  I was that irresponsible mother who did not vaccinate and now I was here with children with whooping cough, exposing all of them, and yet I still refused to vaccinated.

Again, I ask the question…. If the vaccine was so effective then why were they scared of us, if they were vaccinated?  further more… If the vaccine was so effective then why was my church house full of people who thought they were immune whooping everywhere.  Furthermore I get to endure this discomfort because I actually responded to the sickness properly by bringing my children in to the doctors.  What about all my neighbors who did not go into the doctors, who just considered it to be a persistent cough?  I was prescribed a magic pill by my doctors, that I was skeptical of,  given at least three lectures at separate times on vaccines, and finally let go with frustration when all the staff could see that I would not give in and vaccinate my children for whooping cough while they already had it.

The “magic” pill I was told would reduce our symptoms, but not stop us from being contagious.  I was lectured at least twice about quarantining our selves in order to reduce who we spread this too.  I tried to tell them that I had already been quarantined since I first thought we were exposed.  I tried to tell them that this was spreading all through the neighborhood, and people who thought they were vaccinated were not quarantining.  I tried to stand up for myself, even as they talked down to me as if I willfully spread the plague to everyone.  They were not ready to have their world view adjusted by a woman who seemed overly suspicious of people… Me? Overly suspicious?

We came home.  Kept up our quarantine, or course.  Took the magic pill, though I was skeptical.  But within a few days it was obvious, the pill was quite magic in its ability to reduce symptoms.  I was so glad I went through all that crap at the doctors in order to have everyone feeling so much better.  I wished I had gone in when the symptoms first hit my family.  Though, truth be told, I have experiences of going in too early and being sent home until our symptoms became strong enough the doctors could recognize what was happening with us medically.

I called my friend whose symptoms were a few days behind ours and told her about the magic pill.  She took her kids in to get a prescription too.  She was put through a similar experience.  We rolled eyes and vented over the phone about it later.  Unfortunately my friends youngest daughter got hit the hardest by the whooping cough.  She was putting mustard poultice on her daughter on a regular basis, and her daughter got a prescription, but still the sickness hit her hard.  This was the moment we both came to regret getting together when we knew I was exposed.

Three days after gong into the doctors we got a call from the National Center for Disease Control.  They riddled me with questions.  I was careful in how I stated our vaccinating choices, speaking only of our choice to not vaccinate for whooping cough so we were not put on a national list of non vaccinaters for  everything.  We were now on the national list as unvaccinaters for whooping cough, and on a national list for having whooping cough.  They wanted to know where we got it from.  I boldly told them that whooping cough was going all around the neighborhood, that I heard whooping at church every week, that none of my neighbors took it seriously, and that we were the only ones who quarantined or took it seriously.  This information feel on deaf ears, clearly the most important bits of information was the fact that we did not vaccinate and we got whooping cough.  They wanted me to tell them specific names of people who exposed us to the cough.  Since their symptoms were over, I saw no point in increasing a witch hunt, I did not disclose their names.  They wanted to know who we exposed the cough to.  I told them we quarantined and only exposed the cough to one friend before we had symptoms.  I told them this friend had  already had been treated so they did not need the name if they would already get a report on that family from their doctor.  Of course I got the you-should-vaccinate lecture again over the phone.  The information I gave them about my vaccinated neighbors getting the cough and spreading it meant nothing to them.

Our symptoms lingered for about two weeks.  When you have a large family sicknesses can move through the family slowly because each person can get sick a few days behind the other person.  It may take a week and a half until everyone finally gets sick and then another week and a half until everyone finally clears out of the symptoms.  My kids quickly got to the same level our neighbors friend was at when we were exposed.  They were running around the house feeling antsy, wanting to play with other kids, yet still coughing.  Of course I kept them under quarantine.  Even as they climbed up the walls, even as I wanted to climb up the walls, we kept under quarantine.

Finally when the symptoms were all gone we went back to dance class.  While in the waiting room I started to do the calculation, over a month of being quarantined.  It took about two weeks from exposure for us to have symptoms strong enough that I took everyone into the doctors.  It then took about two weeks from the time we took the magic pill to them be totally free from symptoms.  Over a month later and we were finally out of quarantine and resuming our normal life and schedule.

Neighborhood kids came over to play of course during this month.  We of course did not go to church during this month.  I just kept on coming up with different reasons we were not playing with neighbors, or going to church.  I was resistant to telling anyone it was because of whooping cough, because i was afraid fear mongering would lead everyone one around us to believe we were the plague family and the reason for the whooping cough spread.

Eventually one of my children told their friends at the door that we could not play because we had whooping cough.  That is when it spread through the neighborhood, just as I feared.  Stay away from that family, they do not vaccinate, they have whooping cough.  Other people in the neighborhood had become sick, and a few of them had gone into the doctors and found out they had whooping cough.  We of course were the source of their sickness.  We of course were the source of the spread of the cough.  No one even thought to consider the fact that we had been under quarantine for a month, we had not been around them.  No one thought to consider that we were the only ones treating this sickness with proper respect.  Even the people in the neighborhood who knowingly came down with the sickness only stayed home during the worst of it, and quickly were going back to school, work, and play.  The kids in the neighborhood avoided playing with us much for two weeks after we came out of quarantine.  When they started to play with us again we were met with their suspicions towards us.

Then came the responses from family.  The two newly wed couples with young children on my husbands side talked about us as if we were a risk to all around.  They kept their babies away from us, while letting others around us hold them.   Right about this time the fear mongering add campaign of “no kisses” came out.   One mother specifically made a point to mention this advertisement to us.  Every sniffle or mild cough that was ever seen in my young children was treated with suspicion and fear.  When these ladies children got a bit older and ran through the toddler time of constant sickness their children were brought to family functions clearly overtly sick and no one had issue with it.  At no point did these ladies realize that their treatment of us and suspicions of us was exaggerated and unfounded.  Even as their children struggled with the same constant sniffles and coughs of toddler-hood.

The truth is I strongly relate to this news post “Family endures bullying, threats for unvaccinated child, Utah mom says.” The fear mongering around vaccines are strong, and we have endured a lot of social ostracization because of it.  When I tried to talk to my husbands family about their treatment of us, years ago, they all deny it, and act as if something is wrong with me because I remember it.  The truth is we have been horribly treated in the neighborhood and in his family because of fear mongering around vaccinations.   Weather or not they people who participated in this admit it or not does not change the facts hat we had to suffer through it for years.


One thought on “The TRUTH about people who do not Vaccinate

  1. Great post! Two of my children have never been vaccinated – they are now 17 and 12.
    I have never had to give them antibiotics and they rarely see the doctor – only recently for a fractured ankle.
    I myself haven’t taken antibiotics for at least 20 years. I became highly suspicious of certain aspects of the medical profession many years ago after some bad experiences. It just didn’t make logical sense to me … or my gut.

    If you take responsibility for your physical and emotional health and listen to your body, you can fight bugs – Simple.
    We don’t eat any processed food though and that includes gluten & dairy – luckily there are delicious alternatives now :o)

    The medical profession and the labels, pills and jabs are simply an easy way to be irresponsible for your own health.

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