Patricia Grace author of SHATTERED nominated me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award.’  Which is so sweet, I am very complimented.   Patricia Grace has been an amazing survivor friend to have, and a ‘very inspiring’ blogger to follow!  She often leaves nice compliments on my blog posts. Who can not love that! I am still smiling about her most recent compliment “Nice piece, thank you. I adore your work.”

I am going to break with tradition and nominate Patricia Grace back for the award (no you don’t have to do another post ;).  It just did not seem right to not include her in this list.  Here are my nominations,  I can’t decide an order, I love them all, so try to not see them in a specific order.

Are people brought into our lives for specific reasons?  I believe so!  I am grateful each of these bloggers have been part of my life.



Patricia Grace – Riveting writing!  Bold blog posts.  Honest and true reflections on being a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse.   My favorite writings are ALL the chapters of her book SHATTERED. 😉


_ROC2120 mm2 tremayne seated barefoot BW - BEST

Tremayne Moore – On a mission to…. Can it be summed up in a few words?  Nothing sums up Tremayne’s life mission for him self, and  his message to all survivors about our mission more then this song and the verse he wrote.  Tremayne writes openly and honestly about Suicide Prevention and Religious Thoughts on Abuse.



Trish Kaye Lleone – Author of Finding Anna.  In one of her book promotions it said “Are Asian readers ready for ‘Finding Anna’?” In emails she told me how she lives in the Philippines where Sexual abuse is still extremely Taboo.    Imagine my delight when years later (has it really been years? wow) I read on her post “Hear me roar!” About her advocacy going against the taboo in the Philippines.  This post was very inspiring to me, it inspired me to claim my real name on my survivor profiles.



Brittany Wolferts – It is amazing to watch Brittany’s strength and stamina as she does everything in her power to support her sisters!  Brittany is doing so many extremely difficult things all at once.   She is facing trauma memories and processing their very difficult emotions.  She is fighting a legal battle to help her sisters.   She is fighting a social battle where supporters of the abuser are openly calling her trauma memories invalid.   She is fighting the loss of missing her sisters Syndey and Dani Wolferts and her mother Michelle.   She is fighting the stigma and corrosive patterns of Parental Alienation Syndrome in our family courts.  She is managing to remain optimistic while her #AdmittedPedophile dad #BrainWolferts is using EVERY means he can think of to attack her and stop her efforts.   I honestly don’t know how she does it all!   It is a Super Power that can only come from love for her sisters.


This blogging award comes with some questions and rules that I am making optional for my nominees.  These rules and questions are posted in my next post here.



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