Alluminum Allergy and PTSD symptoms

TMMttlmuffin6I have been transferring over old blog posts from 2009. They were on a blog I had that was dedicated to Aluminum Allergy. It was a blog I wrote when I discovered that Alum powder is often in foods. The foods that are most likely to have alum are pickles (for crispness) tortillas (for crispness and anti caking) baking powder and many baked goods such as cakes, cookies etc (for anti caking), and sometimes even special sauces at restaurants (like cheese sauce, again for anti caking).

On this old blog of mine The Muffin Mama I wrote about the symptoms of alum allergy and my struggles to keep alum out of my diet. The most notable effect I had was the three day fog/ anxiety that would overtake me after eating something with alum in it, most likely a baked good.

Now six years later I still avoid foods with alum and am more careful in what I buy. I have noticed that merchants are selling more and more alum free foods. I still avoid pickles, check every tortilla pack, and check every cookie or cake. If I am at a party where cookies or cake are served I either try to sneak in the kitchen to read the package, or see if it is a known brand that is alum free, or I only eat ice cream or other things like this. I still do all these things to avoid alum, and so does my youngest daughter who has a stronger reaction to the alum too.

I feel that removing alum from my diet helped and brought an end to the three day fog/ anxiety that was common for me to have after eating alum. But…. But…. Removing alum from my diet did not have the all reaching effect I had hoped it would back in 2009. In truth I still struggle with the larger patterns of PTSD in my life.

I have looked to many different sources for the PTSD symptoms, especially when I was in denial. I thought they were caused by thyroid problems, then general anxiety, then alum allergy… I never lost hope and constantly believed I could improve on my symptoms and find the source and cure them.

These blog posts were written  before I moved into the home I live in now. They were written before I started long term Therapy, before I started really facing the trauma. Before I really started to understand PTSD and it symptoms in my life.


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