Be patient… I am healing here.

Be Patient I am Healing hereI have come to know of a Heavenly Father who can love me and comfort me.  Who gives me strength, courage and faith.

But as I struggle to know my Heavenly Father it is a difficult process when my earthly father only showed me abuse.  In this process of healing many well meaning people have tried to comfort me with LDS and Christian Cliches.  Though well meaning, these cliches served as a source of their own trial.

These Cliches are sometimes called “Bumper Sticker Sayings.”  These saying sound good on the surface, and are easily repeated over and over, such that the very prevalence of the sayings gives validity to the phrase.

But these saying fail to truly catch the beauty of the Lords plan and his deep love.  In addition these cliches only give comfort to the speaker.  The speaker wants to feel as though they can comfort the  survivor.  They also want a happy ending to the survivors’ stories.  In saying these cliches the speaker can feel soothed in these two things.

Unfortunately these cliches given as comfort become a trial of faith for survivors because they lack the light and truth of the nature of our Heavenly Father.  I am going to talk about some of these cliches one at a time.

In a world where we see suffering everywhere must we really challenge the faith of the victims of the trials by insisting that they are thankful for the trail, that they are strong enough to handle the trial, and that the trial is part of the Lords plan?

When it comes to abuse, healing is not a given.  It is naive and inaccurate to ignore the many lives touched by abuse, that are still trapped in abusive patterns they can not get out of.

This trial is meant to be to test you, because you are such a strong spirit you needed this strong of a trial to be tested.  As much as survivors of abuse hate false flattery, this meme does nothing to comfort or heal us.

We do not want to hear cliche statements that only comfort you.  We want to be accepted.  If you can not understand, that is fine, but accept us, accept our path of healing.   Just because our path is different then what you know does not make it wrong or bad.

Please stop saying the cliches.  Please comfort those in need of comfort through acceptance and understanding.


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