Time for a new Intro

It is time to change my Intro…

The Intro that was…

Late in life I realize that my “picture perfect” LDS family had a lot that was wrong with it. More than your average dysfunctional family. I come to terms with the fact that my father is a perpetrator, that he perpetrated on me. That I have been under his control. Today I am determined to heal and not be silent. I am an active LDS member because I chose this church, love it, and believe its doctrines. But I fight continually to sort out my father’s religious manipulations from actual LDS doctrine and overcome what I call “Spiritual Abuse” from my father.

The Intro that is…

The Villain of my life is my dad.  But he looked perfect to everyone.  He played perfect by day, and villain by night.  I tried to fight against the villain at 13.  But he was really good at playing mind games with me, and everyone around me.  I was under the control of his mind games for 20 years after that.  I believed the lies.  In my mid 30’s I walked into Therapy, with no idea the mess it would dig up.  Working through that mess is difficult beyond words… Now almost four years later I have healed much, and am working to make my own life, free from the mental controls and lies of my childhood.  Incest is an ugly word no one wants hear.  But it is the word that describes my younger years, more then the word childhood.

Do you have any idea how many places I will have to go to to change my online ID’s intros?  No? Neither do I…

Oh and… Here is my latest song feddish!


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