mastpiece-welcome-stones-lgWelcome to my Blog…

Previously I have blogged at Daughter of a Perpetrator.  Now a while later I feel that title is taking too much identity from who my father is.  I talk about why  I chose that title in this blog post Daughter vs. Victim, Survivor, Thrivor.  I will be featuring some of the posts from DoP on here from time to time.

Yesterday I turned to a small group of ladies who have been allot of support to me.  I asked them for advice as I stepped out more boldly into the anonymous blogger world.  The thing we debated about the most was the title of this blog.  Should we include words like incest, abuse, sexual abuse, familial sexual abuse.  One thing was clear, the word incest has the power to make people feel sick just reading it.  But also the word gets directly to the point and allows me to be found by my target readers.  At first I made the title of this blog Breaking the Chains of Incest.  But then, I started to wonder if the word Incest carried with it the connotation that the abusive relationship was somehow consensual.  In the end having the word incest ablaze on my blog title made me feel uncomfortable.

I blog in my head all day. Yesterday I had allot to say, that I felt was important.  Now today I sit down to blog and the reality of people reading my blog makes my head buzz.  DoP was easier.  No one knew it was there, but me.  I plan this blog to be a place for me to release the activist energies I find inside of me.  Each step of stepping out more, though annomomously, feels challenging.  But someday that all will be old hat, and my mind will express my many thoughts.



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